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15 Common ShaQi in Everyday Life

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    2 月
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ShaQi in Houses

Solitary Houses

With the rise of urban migration, young laborers from rural areas move into cities leaving behind elderly and children living in older houses that now contain too much Yin energy, leading to large, underpopulated residences which negatively impact health.

Pititive Door Houses

Most buildings feature parallel main doors, while those designed concavely can harbor negative energy that could result in lawsuits or disputes, thus being known as Punitive Door Houses.

Fallen River Houses

Modern high-rise buildings with ingeniously designed staircases that extend directly from the first to the second floors – known as Fallen River Houses – may negatively impact all residents within them and could impact their health negatively.

Exposed Pipelines

Exposed PipelinesBlame Your Renovation for Exposed Pipelines A disorganized renovation process can leave exposed wiring and appliances protruding like exposed intestines – creating serious health concerns and jeopardizing public safety.

Shaqi in Daily Life

Road Rush ShaQi

Opening your front door to find traffic headed directly toward it represents Road Rush ShaQi, which represents traffic heading directly into your house, potentially leading to accidents. It’s particularly harmful if one or more child’s rooms face such roads – potentially harming both studies and health in this way.

Sharp Angle ShaQi

Sharp Angle ShaQi can have serious repercussions for family health when the main door or windows face directly towards sharp-cornered buildings outside their home, creating an uncomfortable situation inside where rockseries or cacti can also create Sharp Angle ShaQi.

Open Mouth ShaQi

Open Mouth Sha Qi is an emerging modern phenomenon caused by elevators in high-rise buildings. Being constantly exposed to this exposure may bring discomfort, health concerns and financial impact for your family over time.

Blade ShaQi

A common yet dangerous phenomenon, Blade ShaQi can be found on carport roofs or similar structures. Their sharp overhead design increases the risk of accidents; to mitigate it further at home place a “Dragon Turtle” to counteract Blade ShaQi with its hard shell.

Reflective ShaQi

Reflective ShaQi can be both welcome and harmful when it produces glare from surfaces like water or modern buildings’ glass facades, leading to disorientation and accidents. To combat Reflective ShaQi in homes, curtains, window films or large plants should be used to block its glare.

Wall Knife ShaQi

In densely built-up areas, misaligning buildings opposite your residence may create Wall Knife ShaQi, turning one building’s wall into an imaginary sword pointed directly toward you and your residence. To counteract this effect, hang a convex mirror to deflect negative energy away from you home.

Reverse Bow ShaQi

Reverse Bow ShaQi is a type of ShaQi that occurs when rivers or buildings curve outward from your home in front of it, like an open bowstring. This form is most frequently found along roads and arc-shaped buildings and may result in financial loss and health concerns; charms or symbols may help counteract its negative energy.

Heart Piercing ShaQi

Heart Piercing ShaQi traditionally refers to beams entering and traversing through a house. Today, HHSQi also includes buildings over tunnels or subways where vehicles pass beneath, creating an invisible form of ShaQi which may affect wealth and health for residents below it.

Head Piercing ShaQi

Billboards, utility poles or large trees in line with your doors or windows create “Head Piercing ShaQi,” leading to health issues and obstructions in career advancement while inviting disputes. By placing Pi Xiu figures around your home interior layout you can mitigate this ShaQi.

Though Hall ShaQi

Through Hall ShaQi is one of the worst forms of Feng Shui and occurs when both doors of your home align, allowing Qi to rush in freely and cause health and financial issues – but can easily be remedied with curtains or screens to diffuse its flow.

Sky Chopping ShaQi

Sky Chopping ShaQi occurs when closely located high-rise buildings form “slices of sky,” creating narrow gaps that “cut through the sky,” creating “Sky Chopping ShaQi.” This phenomenon can create family discord or serious illness; its intensity depends on building height and proximity; possible remedies include placing Ba Gua mirrors or protective symbols at your home’s entranceway.

By including “ShaQi” into this translation, we’ve explored various forms of ShaQi impacting homes and lives – from architectural designs to modern urban phenomena – along with traditional and contemporary solutions that may mitigate its adverse effects.

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