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Face Reading | Nineteen Eye Types in Physiognomy

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The eyes, being the “supervisors” among the facial features, play a crucial role in physiognomy. Here, San Liu Feng Shui presents an analysis of nineteen types of eye physiognomies through images and descriptions.

Small Eyes

Individuals with small eyes are meticulous thinkers who often have a self-protective mindset. They are careful, earnest, and persistent, with sharp observation skills and patience. However, excessively small eyes can suggest a limited broad-mindedness.

Large Eyes

People with large eyes are cheerful, open-minded, earnest, and like to stand out, though they may be somewhat absent-minded. They appreciate beauty and have strong sensory perceptions, tending towards vanity and idleness.

Long and Narrow Eyes

These individuals are smart, witty, proud, decisive, and diligent. They prefer quick resolutions but remain calm, thinking deeply before acting.

Round Eyes

Characterized by an innocent and optimistic personality, people with round eyes are straightforward and sociable. They enjoy romantic notions but can be irrational, with strong desires and a penchant for speculation. If the eyes are round, large, and protruding, they tend to be impulsive.

Close-set Eyes

Individuals with eyes set closely together are sensitive, worrisome, easily angered, and distrustful of others. They prefer doing things themselves, are meticulous, impulsive, and lack openness, leading to internal conflicts.

Wide-set Eyes

People with a wide space between their eyes are open-hearted and exhibit a stable, down-to-earth personality. They do not like to compete and adopt a laissez-faire attitude, avoiding emotional decisions. However, excessively wide-set eyes can indicate indecisiveness.

Uneven Eyes (One Eye Larger)

Commonly referred to as “male and female eyes,” these individuals may feel disconnected from one parent and have an imbalanced mindset but are talented and often recognized. Middle-aged individuals should beware of emotional turmoil, potentially disrupting marital harmony. Men with a smaller left eye tend to be henpecked.


Those with strabismus are cautious, skeptical, calculating, and have a strong sense of self-defense.

Drooping Eye Corners

People with drooping eye corners are meticulous, cautious, non-confrontational, considerate, and have a gentle and steady approach, making excellent strategists.

Upturned Eye Corners

Individuals with upturned eye corners are intellectually agile, precise, action-oriented, cheerful, and straightforward but somewhat proud and self-assured. They excel at seizing opportunities and showcasing their strengths.

Danfeng Eyes (Thin with Slightly Upturned Corners)

These people are emotionally rich, attractive to the opposite sex, sensitive, skeptical, and curious. Their strong comprehension and artistic talent make them excellent in creative or performance roles.

Sharp Triangular Eyes

Observant and inquisitive, individuals with triangular eyes are thoughtful and uniquely talented but tend to be argumentative and pragmatic. Those with protruding upper eyelids and a thin nose bridge, and sharp nose tip may have eccentric personalities and deep schemes.

Large Round Eyes with Multiple Eyelids

People with gentle and simple gazes tend to be pragmatic, hardworking, sincere, and straightforward but easily influenced and manipulated. If they achieve success, they must guard against deceit.

Single Eyelids

Individuals with single eyelids are calm, steady, rational, and proactive yet discreet. Though quick in action, they struggle to express their inner feelings but have strong perseverance and pursue their goals relentlessly.

Double Eyelids

People with double eyelids are cheerful, straightforward, and emotionally rich but lack endurance. They prefer sentimental over rational thinking, easily troubled by desires. Despite a wide social circle, their decisiveness is poor.

Watery Eyes

Individuals with moist, charming eyes are passionate but also prone to emotional turmoil. They are talented and sought after but should be cautious in relationships to avoid misfortune. For more information: Analysis of Peach Blossom Eyes and Lines (External Link)

More Whites Than Pupils

In physiognomy, it is believed that having more visible pupil than white is normal; an excess of white may lead to disputes and dangers, particularly detrimental for women’s marriages.

Protruding Eye Sockets

These individuals are unrestrained, outspoken, and prone to sudden mood changes. Despite their enthusiasm, they can be unpredictable and perceived as egotistical or disdainful. If combined with thick eyebrows and large, prominent eyes, their personality is even more impulsive and prone to conflicts.

Sunken Eye Sockets

People with sunken eyes appear melancholic, are less sociable, and have a narrow perspective. However, they are perceptive, patient, and sensitive, often overthinking and feeling restless, enduring hardships and hardworking by nature.

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