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Feng Shui House | 2 Considerations for Windows

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    2 月
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Optimum Number of Doors and Windows

Feng Shui House-A large living room in the garden

Doors and windows serve as gateways through which energy (qi) enters and leaves a feng shui house, playing an essential role in maintaining energetic balance within a home and its inhabitants’ wellbeing. Having an excessive number of doors and windows may cause a disruptive flow of chi, creating an imbalanced environment that can negatively impact health, relationships, and finances. It is advised to limit the number of windows to three on any given wall unless necessary for functional reasons.

Impact of Metal Security Doors on Feng Shui

Feng Shui House-A gate full of security locks

Security doors are designed to ensure household safety, but their material and design can have unintended feng shui implications. Metal security doors with grilles or gates may affect a home’s magnetic and energetic fields, attracting discordant energy that could have negative influences on the home environment. This can create a “cage-like” feeling and impact residents’ emotions. While these doors may seem beneficial for individuals whose personal element is Metal, their overall impact on feng shui house needs careful consideration as they can alter the household mood and fortune.

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