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2024 Chinese Zodiac Marriage Compatibility Chart

Chinese culture employs several methods to determine compatibility, such as BaZi (Eight Characters), facial features, and zodiac compatibility, each developed from centuries-old research and dialogue. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive marriage compatibility chart for each zodiac sign, effective from 2024 onwards, providing insights into male and female zodiac compatibility.

Zodiac Compatibility Chart

1. Rat Compatibility

  • Suitable Matched Signs: Monkey, Rat, Ox, and Dragon sign combinations are highly auspicious, while other zodiacs may only prove moderately auspicious.
  • Incompatible Couples: Horse, Goat, Rabbit, and Rooster can cause marriages to fail and multiple misfortunes to arise.

2. Ox Compatibility

  • Ideal Matches: Snake, Rooster, Rat, and Ox are extremely auspicious signs; other signs are moderately auspicious.
  • Incompatible Matches: Horse, Goat, Dragon, Dog may portend a life filled with fortune that turns to misfortune over time.

3. Tiger Compatibility

  • Ideal Couples for Marriage: Horse, Dog, and Tiger; Pig is half auspicious while other signs are moderately auspicious.
  • Unsuitable Pairs: Monkey and Snake who create marital discord and sorrow.

4. Rabbit Compatibility

  • Auspicious Combinations: Goat, Dog, Pig, and Rabbit sign combinations are particularly auspicious; while other signs are less so.
  • Incompatible Relationships: Rat, Rooster, Ox, and Dragon relationships result in unsuccessful careers and an unstable life.

5. Dragon Compatibility

  • Very Auspicious Signs: Rat, Rooster, and Monkey; other signs are slightly auspicious.
  • Incompatible Matches: Rabbit, Dog, Ox, Dragon lead to marital discord and troubles.

6. Snake Compatibility

  • Very Auspicious Signs: Ox, Rooster are considered very auspicious; other signs can also be beneficial.
  • Incompatible Matches: Monkey, Pig, Tiger which may result in shallow relationships or lack of affection between partners.

7. Horse Compatibility

  • Especially Auspicious Assignations: Tiger, Goat, Dog are especially auspicious; other signs can also be beneficial.
  • Incompatible Matches: Rat, Ox, Rabbit, or Horse may lead to difficulties later in life despite initial joys.

8. Goat Compatibility

  • Extremely Auspicious Signs: Rabbit, Horse, and Pig; other signs may also bring good fortune and prosperity.
  • Incompatible Matches: Rat, Ox, or Dog often lead to lives devoid of happiness and prosperity.

9. Monkey Compatibility

  • Especially Auspicious Pairings: Rat and Dragon; other signs can also be somewhat auspicious.
  • Unsuitable Matches: Tiger, Snake, or Pig could result in disaster and sickness for both individuals.

10. Rooster Compatibility

  • Very Auspicious Signs: Ox, Dragon, and Snake; other signs can also be beneficial.
  • Incompatible Signs: Rat, Rabbit, Rooster, and Dog which indicate lack of prosperity and children as well as potential disasters in life.

11. Dog Compatibility

  • Highly Auspicious Suitability: Tiger, Rabbit, and Horse; other signs may also bring good fortune.
  • Incompatible Matches: Ox, Dragon, Goat, or Rooster indicate difficulties due to mutual understanding despite any apparent attraction between their partners.

12. Pig Compatibility

  • Particularly Auspicious Signs: Goats, rabbits, and Tigers are particularly auspicious signs. All other signs may also be considered moderately auspicious.
  • Incompatible Matches: Snake, Monkeys, and Pigs may coexist harmoniously but could experience conflicts leading to lives that do not bring great happiness.

Zodiac Matches of 2024

  1. Ox and Rat make an ideal pair, particularly those born during the Year of the Rat; this high-level marriage compatibility could prove ideal in 2024.
  2. Snake and Rooster create a harmonious pair, perfect for those born under either sign; this high-level marriage compatibility could make for an excellent partnership in 2024.
  3. Tiger and Pig individuals make for an ideal pairing in 2024, and vice versa; while Rabbit and Dog owners share an intimate connection – making for another top match-up! Ideally suited to each other in terms of compatibility for 2024.
  4. Pig, Goat, and Rabbit are in harmony and should indicate high compatibility for those born between January 5 – 31 in 2024.
  5. Horse and Dog share an exceptional bond; making this pair the most compatible choices out of 2024.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Proverbs

The Chinese zodiac, consisting of Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, is based upon the Five Element theory. Herein, compatibility can be determined through interactions that generate or overcome potential conflicts between animals.

Proverbs tell us: “A white Horse clashes with a green Ox; Goat and Rat soon part ways; Snake and Tiger become misaligning blades; Dragon and Rabbit share tears, while the golden Rooster fears jade Dog, Pig and Monkey never see an end.” These proverbs depict zodiac conflicts. For auspicious marriages: “Rat matches Ox, Tiger matches Pig, Rabbit matches Dog, Dragon matches Rooster. Horse matches Goat Snake matches Monkey,” indicating harmonious zodiac pairs for 2024!

Considerations for Zodiac Pairings

Certain pairings, like Horse and Ox, can lead to sorrow and separation, while goat and rat pairings often experience continual conflict and dissatisfaction; Snake and Tiger partnerships often produce scattered families that harm offspring; rabbit and dragon unions present challenges similar to Rooster/Dog/Pig/Monkey arrangements, making long-term harmony and happiness hard to sustain.

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