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Chinese Zodiac | What’s Your Chinese Zodiac Sign in 2024?

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Chinese Zodiac | Rat Characteristics

1. Intellect and flexibility, agile hands and feet, but generally timid; 2. Highly adaptable and adept at making friends; 3. Slightly introverted but lively action; 4. Skeptical of organized thoughts often misses opportunities.

    Chinese Zodiac | Ox Characteristics

    1. Down-to-earth and hardworking with a strong desire for progress but limited ability in adaptability; 2. Honest and trustworthy with strong senses of responsibility and endurance; 3. Uphold justice by standing up for what is right; 4. Frugal yet stable but often boring;

      Tiger Characteristics:

      1. Prominence, Ambitious and Energy; 2. Pioneering spirit and Dare; 3. Warmhearted Resilient Confident but Stubbornness / Just and Helpfulness (JUST + HELPFULNESS).

        Rabbit Characteristics

        1. Gentle, kind and optimistic with delicate emotions; 2. Easygoing, smart and considerate; 3. Elegant and thoughtful; 4. Patient yet willing to compromise in order to avoid conflict and avoid being exploited easily

          Dragon Characteristics

          1. Enigmatic, ambitious and driven with strong ambition. 2. Focused and decisive at times while sometimes lazy; 3. Filial, generous and good at handling finances; 4. Intelligent, talented and dignified.

            Snake Characteristics:

            1. Focused and responsible, yet slightly wary and uncertain; 2. Skillful and quick-witted; 3. Energetic and cheerful; 4. Calm on the surface but often too outspoken with risks to offense.

              Horse Characteristics

              1. Energetic, mild-mannered but determined and resolute in action; 2. Independent, hot-tempered, clear about right and wrong, straightforward and passionate; 3. Articulate, direct and fearless when faced with obstacles or difficulties.

                Goat Characteristics

                1. Keen on learning, creative; 2. Polite, submissive without being blind; 3. Patient, avoids trouble quickly and adapts well

                  Monkey Characteristics*

                  1. Ambitious, competitive and fearless of injury; 2. Versatile, all-purpose performer; 3. Somewhat vain but unrestrained; 4. Harmonious in social interactions and skilled at networking.

                    Rooster Characteristics:

                    1. Energetic, articulate and bold in taking risks that meet or surpass expectation; 2. Investigative with a focus on efficiency; 3. Decisive, sharp and eager to perform; 4. Courageous yet competitive.

                      Dog Characteristics

                      1. Reliable, trustworthy, loyal to leaders and superiors but somewhat pragmatic; 2. Just, fair, agile; 3. Intelligent and insightful; 4. Hardworking, practical and grounded in reality.

                        Characteristics of Pigs

                        1. Too kind, unwilling to say no, sincere, honest and sympathetic; 2. Energetic and honest when dealing with others; 3. Committed and enthusiastic in all endeavors; 4. Good fortune usually follows them around; and 5. Trusting yet easily deceived yet optimistic and positive outlook on life.

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