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2024 Dragon Year: Nine Stars Luck Directions

As Feng Shui changes with time, entering the year 2024, the Year of the Jia Chen Dragon, different directions in home Feng Shui will experience new auspicious and inauspicious changes.

According to Xuan Kong Feng Shui, 2024 sees the Three Green Star entering the center. Based on the trajectory of the flying stars, their positions for 2024 are as illustrated in the following chart:


  • One White Star: East
  • Two Black Star: Southeast
  • Three Green Star: Center
  • Four Green Star: Northwest
  • Five Yellow Star: West
  • Six White Star: Northeast
  • Seven Red Star: South
  • Eight White Star: North
  • Nine Purple Star: Southwest

The nine flying stars occupy nine different directions, each with its own auspicious and inauspicious implications. Let’s delve into the methods for activating and neutralizing these stars:

Southwest, Nine Purple Star Activation Method:

This year, the Nine Purple Star is located in the Southwest. It represents all joyous events. Even if not in a rush for marriage or childbirth, activating this star is entirely beneficial. Additionally, as we enter the period of Nine from 2024, the Nine Purple Star becomes a potent auspicious star whose power can be significantly enhanced if activated.

Being a fire element, the Nine Purple Star can be activated with green plants, such as a plant bearing multiple fruits or a clay-potted large-leaf bonsai, to achieve a “bright wood-fire” auspicious sign. Furthermore, more purple, red, and green decorations, such as red ornaments and spring couplets, can be placed in the Southwest, including keeping a red lamp lit for a long time. Avoid placing blue, black, or grey items in this area, as well as red ‘Fu’ characters, which might diminish the fire star’s energy.

East, One White Star Activation Method:

This year, the One White Star flies into the East, serving as a Peach Blossom position. If seeking a relationship or improved social connections, water-nourished plants or flowers can be placed in the East.

However, for married individuals concerned about overly vibrant Peach Blossom energy affecting their relationship, placing eight pebbles can weaken the Peach Blossom energy. Earth overcomes water, and the number “eight” represents earth, thus offering an optimal dual solution. Be mindful that if someone’s job heavily relies on interpersonal relations, do not overly neutralize the Peach Blossom area as it could negatively affect social connections and job performance.

Northeast, Six White Star Activation Method:

The Six White Star represents technical, labor-intensive occupations or jobs requiring frequent travel, as well as authority and management. To boost career luck for those in non-clerical roles, it’s essential to utilize the Six White Star effectively.

Generally, there’s no need for special neutralization where the Six White Star flies; however, if a household member works in the military, law enforcement, technical fields, sports, or manual labor, activating the Six White Star can significantly aid their career luck.

This year, the Six White Star flies into the Northeast. Since Six White belongs to the metal element, and earth generates metal, placing more yellow and metallic items in the Northeast, like ceramic and metal chandeliers, can help. Be aware that the Six White Star should not be overcome by fire, so avoid red colors, as well as burning incense or red lamps.

North, Eight White Star Activation Method:

As Xuan Kong Feng Shui cycles through nine periods every twenty years, the power of the flying stars also changes with the periods.

Since 2004 marked the start of the Nine period, the auspicious strength of the Eight White Star has decreased.

This year, the Eight White Star is located in the North. Because the North belongs to water, and auspicious stars prefer movement over stillness, it’s ideal to plant earth-nourished plants in square red pots in the North or keep goldfish, which can stimulate wealth energy. Additionally, because the Eight White Star belongs to earth, placing ceramic items also helps in activating wealth luck. Remember not to clutter this area with miscellaneous items or large cabinets to avoid obstructing the wealth star’s energy.

Northwest, Four Green Star Activation Method:

Since the Wen Chang star belongs to wood, and both the color green and the number “four” represent wood, placing four stalks of lucky bamboo in water is ideal for activating Wen Chang. If a study or bedroom is located in the Northwest, using green, blue, or vertical blinds for curtains this year is advisable, especially if the desk faces the Southeast. Other green items, Wen Chang towers, or pen holders can also activate the Wen Chang star, benefiting exams and further education.

However, if there are no clerical workers or individuals needing to take exams in the household, it’s not advisable to activate the Four Green Star, as its malevolence rises in the Nine period, potentially leading to unwanted romantic entanglements and disputes.

Center, Three Green Star Neutralization Method:

The Three Green Star, a star of disputes, tends to trigger arguments and troubles. This year, it flies into the center. Since the Three Green Star belongs to wood, and water generates wood, avoid green (wood) and blue (water) colors to not stimulate this star of disputes. It’s also advisable not to keep fish in the central part of the house this year to avoid activating water-nourished plants and aquariums.

Additionally, since wood generates fire, and both the color red and the number “nine” represent fire, placing nine red roses can neutralize disputes (ensure the roses are de-thorned as green is unfavorable). If inconvenient, using more red items in the East or installing a constantly lit red lamp can help.

South, Seven Red Star Neutralization Method:

The Seven Red Star, not an auspicious star, can cause harm if improperly activated. This year, the metal-associated Seven Red Star flies into the South. Since the Seven Red Star carries a sharp energy, it prefers stillness over movement, thus avoiding high-fluidity or metallic items. Placing water-nourished plants can mitigate the sharp energy, with water generating wood and wood generating fire for elemental balance.

West, Five Yellow Star Neutralization Method:

The Five Yellow, known as the “Disaster Star,” flies into the West this year. Since yellow represents earth and red represents fire, with the Five Yellow Star belonging to earth and fire generating earth, avoid red and yellow colors in the entire western part of the house, along with avoiding earthwork, fishkeeping, and prolonged sitting or lying down.

Metal helps to dissipate earth’s energy, and the number “six” represents metal, so placing copper or golden heavy objects, like copper coins, six copper ornaments, or calming water, can further neutralize the Five Yellow’s illness energy. In fact, sound can also neutralize the Five Yellow, making round copper bells, gongs, or six-layered golden wind chimes helpful.

Southeast, Two Black Star Activation Method:

In the Eight period, the Two Black Star was a sickness star, but as we enter the Nine period, it turns auspicious and should be activated.

Since the Two Black Star belongs to earth, and fire generates earth, the Southeast area favors yellow (earth) and red (fire) colors this year to activate the Two Black Star. Additionally, fluidity-enhancing items, like fishkeeping, are also suitable for the Southeast, as well as prolonged sitting or lying down.

Since earth generates metal, and metal can dissipate earth’s energy, avoid wooden and metallic items in the Southeast this year.

Through the above content, we understand that we can activate or dissipate the power of flying stars using the five elements properties of items and the generative and controlling cycles of the five elements. In fact, all household items belong to certain elements and can influence the power of flying stars to some extent. Without this knowledge, one might inadvertently create a poor Feng Shui layout. Our Feng Shui website provides detailed information on the elemental associations of various household items and decorations: The Elemental Associations of Various Household Items and Decorations.

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