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2024 Xuan Kong Flying Stars Feng Shui Arrangement

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In Feng Shui arrangement, adjustments aren’t a one-time affair but need to be made according to the annual changes of flying stars. For 2024, the positions of flying stars are summarized as follows:

The Six White Star enters the center palace in 2024, and the specific positions of each flying star are indicated in the chart below.


  • One White Star: East
  • Two Black Star: Southeast
  • Three Green Star: Center
  • Four Green Star: Northwest
  • Five Yellow Star: West
  • Six White Star: Northeast
  • Seven Red Star: South
  • Eight White Star: North
  • Nine Purple Star: Southwest

In the Nine Palaces Flying Stars system for 2024–2043, the Nine Purple Star (Southwest) leads as the top auspicious star. The One White Star (East) and Two Black Star (Southeast) follow as the second and third auspicious stars. The remaining six stars are less favorable, with the Three Green Star and Five Yellow Star being the most harmful.

Hence, the auspicious positions for 2024 are: Southwest, East, Southeast.

Auspicious area Feng Shui arrangements are as follows:

Southwest, Nine Purple Star Activation

Every twenty years, the earth’s energy cycle shifts, cycling through nine periods. During the period of Nine (2024 to 2043), the Nine Purple Star emerges as the most auspicious. Monitoring its annual position is key for activating wealth. This star also symbolizes joyous events like marriages or childbirth, and activating it is beneficial and safe.

For 2024, the Nine Purple Star is located in the Southwest. Therefore, it’s advantageous to use red and green colors, associated with fire and wood elements (as fire aids fire, and wood fuels fire), in the Southwest area. Planting earth-nourished plants in red pots in this area can stimulate wealth energy. Since the Nine Purple Star belongs to the fire element, lighting up bright lamps, placing amethyst or red crystals, and other red decorations can also help in activating good fortune. Remember not to clutter this area with miscellaneous items or large cabinets, and avoid blue or black objects or visible water to not obstruct the auspicious star’s energy.

East, One White Star Activation

The One White Star’s position is in the East for 2024, serving as a Peach Blossom position. For those seeking relationships or improving social connections, placing water-nurtured plants or flowers in the East is recommended since the East belongs to the wood element. For this, round glass containers (representing the metal element, which generates water, which in turn nourishes wood) are preferred.

Married individuals concerned about overly strong Peach Blossom energy affecting their relationship can place eight pebbles to weaken it. The number “eight” represents earth, which controls water, providing a dual solution. However, if someone’s work relies on interpersonal relationships (like sales, service, or public relations), overly weakening the Peach Blossom area could adversely affect their social connections and work prospects.

Southeast, Two Black Star Activation

In 2024, the auspicious Two Black Star flies into the Southeast. Therefore, using red and yellow colors, associated with fire and earth elements (since fire generates earth), in the Southeast can activate this area. Additionally, because auspicious stars are dynamic, complementing the above colors, the Southeast area is ideally suited for square red pots with earth-nurtured plants. Raising goldfish with pebbles in the tank can also stimulate wealth energy. Since the Two Black Star belongs to the earth element, placing ceramic items or viewing stones can aid in activating wealth energy. Remember not to clutter this area with miscellaneous items, large cabinets, or too many plants to not hinder the wealth star’s energy.

These adjustments only cover the auspicious areas. There’s a saying in Xuan Kong Feng Shui: “One honored position exerts control, and all malevolence is subdued.” This means when the auspicious area’s Feng Shui is properly activated, the malevolent energy from other areas is less likely to disperse. However, for those looking to arrange Feng Shui according to all nine flying stars for better results, we have detailed guides available.

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