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Face Reading | Analysis of Twenty-Eight Eyebrow Shapes

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The importance of eyebrow shapes in face reading is significant, and below we list twenty-eight different eyebrow shapes to help everyone understand the implications of eyebrow physiognomy.

Eyebrow Shape 1
  1. People with delicate and graceful eyebrows are gentle, meticulous in thought, and slightly neurotically sensitive. They act softly, not too hurriedly nor too slowly, often considerate, and tend to be dependent. However, if the eyebrows are too thin and sparse, it indicates a person is self-interested.
Eyebrow Shape 2
  1. Individuals with thick, broad eyebrows and prominent brow bones are characterized by their bravery and confidence. They are eager to stand out and are practical in nature, often following through on their commitments without regret. They value their reputation, excel at making diverse friends, and are able to garner support.
Eyebrow Shape 3
  1. Individuals with long eyebrows, where the eyebrows extend beyond the eyes, are intelligent and sensitive. These individuals are cautious, observant, and meticulous, often making detailed plans. They are resolute and emotional, with a strong sense of family and sibling bonds.
Eyebrow Shape 4
  1. Short eyebrows indicate a somewhat impatient personality, not considering consequences, and a lack of empathy. Such individuals often rely on self-effort and seek development away from their birthplace, with little support from relatives. They are also good at strategizing for wealth, with fortunes improving in middle and later years.
Eyebrow Shape 5
  1. A narrow space between the eyebrows (described in physiognomy books as “double eyebrows locking”) signifies intelligence, sensitivity, and talent, with a rich imagination. However, these individuals may not be broad-minded and struggle to express themselves, showing impatience, emotional instability, and facing obstructed fortunes.
Eyebrow Shape 6
  1. An appropriate width between the eyebrows, according to the proportion of the face, denotes a harmonious, gentle, and solid personality. These individuals are not petty, straightforward, easy to get along with, communicative, and can gain support, experiencing smooth fortunes.
Eyebrow Shape 7
  1. People with too wide a space between their eyebrows (more than two and a half fingers’ width) tend to be indecisive and easily influenced by others. However, they are amiable, easy to communicate with, and not prone to refusal. It’s advisable for them to assert themselves more and be cautious in choosing friends.
Eyebrow Shape 8
  1. Individuals whose eyebrows are relatively close to their eyes tend to be sensitive and narrow-minded but possess determination and endurance. In their youth and middle age, they often worry about housing or struggle to adapt to their environment, finding it difficult to settle down.
Eyebrow Shape 9
  1. People with a wider gap between their eyebrows and eyes are open-minded, kind-hearted, earnest, cheerful, and optimistic. They adapt well to their environment, but if the gap is too wide, they should beware of being exploited and avoid losing out over minor issues.
Eyebrow Shape 10
  1. Thick eyebrows close to the eyes (described in physiognomy books as “heavy eyebrows pressing on the eyes”) lead to actions without considering consequences, aiming for quick results that are not achieved. These individuals struggle with social interactions, lack empathy, and face obstacles in their middle years.
Eyebrow Shape 11
  1. One eyebrow higher than the other indicates acting on personal preference, not heeding advice, and relying on oneself. Emotions tend to fluctuate. Physiognomy also suggests that uneven eyebrows could mean a lack of parental harmony or early loss of a parent, and discord among siblings.
Eyebrow Shape 12
  1. Gaps in the middle of the eyebrows suggest a tendency toward indecision, stubbornness, unfaithfulness in relationships, impulsiveness, estrangement from siblings, and lack
Eyebrow Shape 13
  1. Individuals with uneven and irregular eyebrows, resembling wild grass growing in disarray, tend to have contradictory personalities. These individuals frequently face internal struggles and have unpredictable mood fluctuations, making it hard to control their emotions. This can lead to a life filled with disputes. In their youth and middle age, they may encounter numerous challenges and adversities, often leading to mediocrity. However, there are cases where they achieve success after overcoming initial setbacks.
Eyebrow Shape 14
  1. People with dense eyebrows at the beginning and sparse at the end struggle to accumulate wealth before middle age. Despite an active personality, they find it hard to see things through. They may have the intention but lack the capability, often letting emotions interfere with their actions, lacking in reason, or ignoring others’ feelings due to personal preferences.
Eyebrow Shape 15
  1. Sparse eyebrows that allow the skin underneath to be seen, especially when paired with bright and clear eyes (referred to as “clear eyebrows and beautiful eyes”), signify an intelligent and agile personality. Such individuals act steadily and modestly but have less support from siblings and relatives, making them suitable for clerical work.
Eyebrow Shape 16
  1. People with dense eyebrows are decisive, brave, talented, and confident. They love to be in the limelight and value the companionship of friends and siblings. However, their sometimes overly eager and headstrong nature can lead to neglecting the feelings of others.
Eyebrow Shape 17
  1. Slightly curved eyebrows, resembling the crescent moon, also known as “eyebrows that brush the skies,” belong to individuals who are smooth, kind, meticulously thoughtful, sincere, emotional, and willing to contribute. They are also likely to gain recognition and assistance from influential figures and elders.
Eyebrow Shape 18
  1. Individuals with straight eyebrows are full of enthusiasm, enduring, and upright in character, with a strong sense of family. They tend not to easily submit to others, strive to excel, and are firm, decisive, and confident.
Eyebrow Shape 19
  1. Triangular eyebrows indicate a person who is intellectually active, with a sharp mind and rich creative abilities. Despite a strong personal subjectivity, once they make a decision, they commit fully, not easily backing down, and are courageous in pursuing their dreams and goals, demonstrating significant initiative.
Eyebrow Shape 20
  1. Curly eyebrows, resembling spirals, also known as “spiral eyebrows,” suggest a person with a fierce, impatient temperament, and brusque actions. Their strong sense of self often leads to poor social relations and difficulty in getting along with others. However, pursuing a career in specialized skills, military, or martial professions could lead to significant development.
Eyebrow Shape 21
  1. Long, curved eyebrows that taper to a fine point, resembling a willow leaf, known as “willow leaf eyebrows” in physiognomy, belong to trustworthy and loyal individuals who are helpful and likely to receive aid from influential people. They value family and act steadily and resiliently, achieving success in middle age.
Eyebrow Shape 22
  1. Eyebrows that slightly curve upwards at the ends, formerly known as “sleeping silkworm eyebrows,” now rare, are seen in individuals who possess both intelligence and courage, are straightforward in character, quick in action, value friendship and keep promises, and have a strong personal style. In turbulent times, they are likely to make a significant impact.
Eyebrow Shape 23
  1. Upward slanting eyebrows, referred to in physiognomy as “iron-faced, sword eyebrows, commanding thousands of miles,” are found in people of noble character, with grand ambitions and ideals. They are decisive, with exceptional courage and strategy. However, if such individuals have a fierce look in their eyes, they may frequently encounter danger and adversity throughout their life.
Eyebrow Shape 24
  1. Eyebrows that droop downward in a “八” character shape indicate a generous and straightforward individual. They are not petty and are willing to assist others, showing a considerable degree of magnanimity. They prefer making good connections without seeking confrontation. However, if such eyebrows are sparse rather than dense, this may suggest a tendency towards indecision. It also indicates a need to be cautious of deception or being implicated by others.
Eyebrow Shape 25
  1. Individuals with eyebrows thin and short at the beginning, becoming thick and unkempt towards the end, excel in planning and management, showing leadership qualities. However, they might sometimes seem to be bluffing or having hidden agendas, with a speculative approach to their actions. They often seek power, and their mood can be unpredictable, exerting pressure on those around them.
Eyebrow Shape 26
  1. People with thick eyebrows at the start and thin at the end tend to display self-interest and lack affection, characterized by bursts of action. They may act impulsively, leading to situations that are difficult to resolve. Lacking in reason, with significant emotional fluctuations, they are willing to do anything to achieve their goals, often resulting in a lack of sustained effort in their middle years, leading to a situation where they start strong but finish weak.
Eyebrow Shape 27
  1. Individuals with eyebrows shaped like sharp hooks have a resolute personality, adhering firmly to their own opinions and often acting impulsively, without regard for the consequences. Despite this, they are efficient in handling matters and have strong work capabilities. They possess robust ambition and a clear intention to achieve, which often results in significant accomplishments later in life.
Eyebrow Shape 28
  1. Individuals with eyebrows that curve into a hook shape tend to be somewhat stubborn and tenacious, with weaker interpersonal relationships and a high sense of self-esteem. They possess courage and intellect, prefer not to talk much, are efficient in their actions, and are skilled at demonstrating their talents.

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