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3 types of people’s office feng shui arrangement principles

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Feng Shui Office Principles for Men’s Workspaces

Women’s workspaces often follow certain rules of feng shui to increase productivity; men’s offices must adhere to certain principles that will contribute to career success. A well-organized feng shui office is essential in terms of career advancement.

Ideal office positions for men should permit for strategic entry and exit, providing clear views of other’s actions while still remaining private. Achieve this balance enables advance and retreat; embodying the principle of knowing both oneself and your opponent to ensure success. Office desks should avoid facing mirrors; instead there should be solid backing behind to increase focus without feeling like you’re being watched; restrooms or water sources should preferably not be nearby as their Yin energy can overwhelm a man’s Yang energy; in such instances use high-backed chairs or plants as shielding measures to neutralize potential adverse effects.

How to Prepare an Expectant Mother’s Office

Women today may juggle career and pregnancy simultaneously, making an office that promotes positive feng shui essential to both her own well-being as well as that of her child.

Pregnant women should avoid sitting directly facing the main door; if necessary, use potted or landscape plants to mitigate. Seating must have solid back support for security; it would also be preferable if an auspicious direction could be chosen as this can provide fresh air intake and allow expecting mothers to breathe fresh air through windows nearby while being near windows to ensure fresh air circulation – symbols with auspicious meaning can be placed near desks for good luck but avoid sharp or unusual objects which might pose potential safety risks.

Porcelain cups with lids are safer and more hygienic than glass ones; keeping snacks and drinks handy to meet nutrition needs is also key. When selecting desk plants, ensure they remain lush instead of withered, and add red ribbons as an auspicious touch by “adding a touch of red”.

Setting Up a Feng Shui Office for Freelancers

Numerous freelancers nowadays operate out of both their living and working environments simultaneously, often mixing living with working environments. Sometimes the comforts of home can prevent concentration and productivity; therefore having a dedicated feng shui office space is essential.

Ideal office areas should be in the East or South to take advantage of abundant sunlight and vibrant energy, encouraging vitality and career development. Leaders working from home may consider having their office face west for increased leadership abilities. A separate workspace from living areas and free from clutter to ensure focus is maintained is also ideal. A proper desk helps create an inviting work atmosphere while discouraging laxity in employees.

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