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4 Living Room Feng Shui Orientations by Color

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Color can have a dramatic effect on both visual appeal and emotions in a living room, not only visually but also emotionally. Coordination must be carefully thought through when designing color schemes in this space, taking into account both personal elements as well as its orientation according to windows – for instance a south-facing window represents a south-facing living room while vice versa.

East-Facing Living Room Feng Shui with Yellow

According to “Living Room Feng Shui,” the east is associated with wood, an element that represents abundant energy. According to the Five Elements Theory, wood depletes earth which symbolizes wealth – yellow is therefore ideal as it represents earth; using shades of yellow can increase wealth.

South-Facing Living Room Feng Shui with White

Feng Shui recognizes that fire energy dominates in the South. Accordingly, using white–the color associated with metal in Feng Shui–for paint, wallpaper, and sofas facing south is recommended to enhance wealth energy.

West-Facing Living Room with Green

West-facing living rooms should feature elements from both metal and wood to help increase financial prosperity. Green is recommended for west-facing rooms to help promote financial success.

North-Facing Living Room with Red

The north is associated with water, representing its dominating energy. Water trumps fire when it comes to wealth; thus it’s best to use fiery colors such as red, purple, and pink in living rooms that face north as this can boost financial luck and bring good luck! For this purpose wallpapers, sofa chairs, or carpets in these hues could help improve financial fortune.

Feng shui principles applied to color selection creates a harmonious environment while inviting prosperity and well-being. Each direction’s elemental association influences our color choice; using Feng Shui-inspired hues can transform a simple living room into a source of peace, balance, and prosperity that aligns with nature’s energy of the universe.

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