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Feng Shui House | 4 Feng Shui Considerations for the Dining Table

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Feng shui house place great importance on the placement of the dining table for overall good feng shui. Its placement must consider all angles to ensure its positive influence.

Feng Shui House-Open Kitchen

The dining table should be placed in an intimate environment that promotes relaxation and optimal digestion of food. Avoid placing it in a direct view from the main door, as this may disturb the energy flow. An entryway can serve as an effective barrier in this regard.

It is also important to avoid positioning the dining table directly facing bathrooms, as this can create negative energy that may affect the health of family members. If moving the table is not possible, you can use plants like lucky bamboo to help neutralize any negative vibes.

Materials Available for Dining Table

When selecting a dining table, consider the style and decor of your home’s interior. Marble or glass tables are elegant options for European-inspired homes and are easy to maintain and clean. However, these materials tend to absorb heat quickly, so be mindful of excess warmth after meals.

Feng Shui House-Vintage kitchen with wooden table and chairs

Wooden dining tables bring natural energy into a feng shui home and are gentle on human health. If possible, opt for a table made of wood. Alternatively, you can incorporate elements made of other materials but with wooden legs or decorations to balance their effects.

Impact of Sharp Edges on Dining Tables

Elegant interior decor often includes furniture with unique designs, such as tables and chairs with sharp corners. While these may look good, sharp corners carry aggressive energy, which goes against feng shui principles. When purchasing furniture, ensure it meets feng shui guidelines.

Feng Shui House-Marble top dining table

Dining tables with sharper corners have greater negative feng shui implications. Traditionalists consider sharp-edged furniture to be bad luck. Tables with sharp corners may impact family health and lead to disputes among family members. It is also advisable to avoid diamond-shaped tables, as they may not effectively retain wealth. Traditional round or square tables make better selections.

Number of Dining Chairs Available

The number of dining chairs at your family table is worth noting. Traditional Chinese families with three or more members should aim to have five to nine dining chairs. Five, seven, and nine are auspicious yang numbers, while six and eight are considered lucky. Select dining chairs within this range, and don’t forget to have two extra seats in case unexpected guests arrive. Having only three or four chairs is considered less auspicious, and thirteen should be avoided in international families.

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