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Feng Shui In Weddings | 4 Feng Shui Principles in Weddings

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Marriage is an important milestone and everyone hopes for an enjoyable and satisfying union. Thus, brides must follow specific taboos, especially when applying Feng Shui in weddings, to secure a harmonious and prosperous union.

Avoiding Underground Wedding Venues

A major wedding planning taboo is using underground venues, like basement restaurants or activity rooms. While appealing for uniqueness or during peak season, this choice is highly inauspicious for ceremonies and should be avoided at all costs.

Make Your Event Bright With Lighting Solutions

Wedding lighting should symbolize optimism for the marriage and avoid blackouts, signaling its end. Even with slideshow presentations of the couple’s story, total darkness must be prevented to avoid emotional shockwaves between partners. Furthermore, performances should take place with adequate illumination.

Decorating the Wedding Room

Decorating your wedding room should be one of the most joyful tasks of your marriage despite its inevitable exhaustion. To enhance room happiness, ensure it’s well-lit and use cheerful hues like red over dark tones. Red decorations boost the honeymoon phase but limit their prolonged use to avoid irritation. With eco-friendly decor trending, ensure quick dissipation of any smells when decorating wedding rooms.

Staging of Wedding Photos

Wedding photographs are an integral part of a new home, commemorating happiness. However, their placement can have an enormous effect on a couple’s emotional bond; placing photos at the head of the bed may create unnecessary strain in marriage and cause it to unravel faster than intended. Furthermore, mirrors should not face wedding photos to prevent reflecting any strain in relationships; for optimal placement in terms of deep emotional connections between partners, northwest direction is ideal.

Implementing Feng Shui into weddings not only adheres to cultural traditions but also forms the foundation of a loving and harmonious union. By paying attention to these principles of Feng Shui on their special day, couples can ensure they set themselves up for a more peaceful and prosperous marriage in their future together.

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