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4 feng shui queries for office seating and supplies selection

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Building a productive and harmonious workspace is crucial for both productivity and well-being. Here are key feng shui principles tailored for business environments.

Dynamics Between Employees and Bosses

From a feng shui business perspective, relationships between employees and their bosses can be inherently competitive due to managerial responsibilities. To avoid potential conflicts, it is advisable not to position your desk directly facing their office. Consider using partitions or strategic placement to avoid direct alignment. Alternatively, you can choose not to place desks directly outside their office to minimize negative energy interactions.

The Dangers of Sitting Near the Office Entrance

Sitting near an office entrance or with your back to the door can expose you to disruptive energies from high traffic and the complex identities of those entering and exiting. This can have adverse health impacts, decrease focus and efficiency, and lead to stress, confusion, or physical discomfort. To address this risk, redesign the office layout to avoid seating near entrances. Alternatively, you can use a high-backed chair as an effective defense mechanism against negative energies.

Location for Copier

Copiers, being essential office equipment, should be placed carefully to maintain positive energy throughout the office environment. According to feng shui principles, copiers are associated with fire and earth elements. To minimize disruption and negative energy, it is recommended to place copiers away from central work areas and employee desks. Additionally, consider placing plants near copiers to shield against radiation while spreading positivity throughout the office.

Considerations When Selecting File Cabinet Height Options

Filing cabinets play an integral part in organizing documents, and their placement can have a significant impact on feng shui in a business environment. Avoid placing low cabinets where wood and fire elements dominate, as this may stunt office growth energy. On the other hand, placing high cabinets in the West, Northwest, Southwest, or Northeast may further hinder office growth. By moving tall cabinets along their appropriate routes, you can increase spatial efficiency without jeopardizing feng shui.

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