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4 Feng Shui Tips for Office Desks

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    2 月
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Feng shui principles offer more than ergonomic solutions when it comes to creating the ideal working environment. Your desk arrangement and color are believed to have a significant impact on success and wellbeing. Here’s how to align your workspace with these principles for improved productivity and health benefits.

Where to Locate Your Office Desk (Optional Steps)

Positioning your desk away from large and bright windows is important for creating an ideal feng shui office setup. While natural light is beneficial, placing your desk directly under windows that overlook busy pathways exposes it to excessive Sha Qi, which can lead to distraction and unease. To address this, position your desk strategically within your office using curtains or blinds as protective barriers against external disturbances while maintaining privacy.

Importance of Desk Color

According to Five Elements theory, it’s important to choose an office desk material and color based on your own individual elements. For instance, individuals who don’t get along well with wood should avoid wooden desks. Color also plays a role in office feng shui. The hue of your desk may help alleviate physical discomfort from organ-specific imbalances caused by your element:

  • Fire element individuals could benefit from selecting red or purple desks for optimal heart health.
  • Earth element individuals should select yellow or brown hues to support stomach and spleen health.
  • Metal element individuals are advised to select white or metallic hues for lung health.
  • Water element people may find black or blue desks ideal for kidney support.
  • Wood element people should opt for green desks to promote liver health.

Should Your Desk Face a Large Window?

Although a desk facing a large window offers attractive views and good lighting, feng shui advises against it. A glass backdrop symbolizes a lack of support, which could potentially lead to fruitless endeavors. Having a solid wall behind your desk or screens for those who prefer window views can provide the essential “mountain support” necessary for prosperity.

Windows for Your Boss’ Office

Feng shui for offices recommends avoiding windows that flood the room with too much light, as this can lead to mental and physical strain. Curtains or blinds can help manage light levels, improving energy within the space. North-facing windows should be avoided due to their association with hard work and lack of sunlight. Warmer colors should be preferred and strategically placed office furniture can counterbalance the lack of Yang energy present therein.

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