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4 Types of Feng Shui House Taboo Layouts for Houses

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Direct Alignment (Piercing Heart Sha)

Feng shui advocates believe that direct alignment between front and back doors – commonly referred to as piercing heart sha – can result in wealth drain, negative energy and potential conflicts in your house, as energy flows freely throughout. To mitigate this, adding screens or potted plants between doors, or hanging curtains at room entrances, can redirect energy flow back towards you; doing this not only protects wealth from being exposed or lost but can also minimize conflicts while inviting beneficial influences to enhance prosperity of any feng shui home.


In the past, high walls were an indication of wealth. Today however, excessively tall walls can obstruct natural light and air circulation around smaller properties, diminishing energy and creating the sense of isolation which hinders financial prosperity. Walls too close to residence are considered inauspicious.

Missing Corners

A house’s shape is paramount when it comes to Feng Shui; especially the northwest area which represents its patriarch. Missing corners in this part of the house could negatively affect elder male members in your family and can contribute to health problems as well as hinder career progression for your eldest son. In addition, missing corners in the northeast, which represents growth and prosperity can significantly hinder young sons as well as increase negative energy in your home environment.

Home Decoration

As more people become wealthy, their emphasis on extravagant home decorations has increased exponentially – often leading to overly luxurious interiors. While comfort and luxury is understandable, excessive opulence in feng shui can signal impending misfortune; such homes disrupt energy flows and affect occupant health negatively. Effective decoration should focus on simplicity, balance, essence over appearance – reflecting homeowner’s taste while creating a harmonious feng shui house environment.

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