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Animals In Feng Shui | 4 Must Have Animals in Placements

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Animals In Feng Shui | Horse Brings Success

The belief in horses as symbols of good fortune is represented by “Horse Brings Success”. Placing horse figurines around your home strengthens this effect and promotes luck. The most effective directions for placing horses to promote luck are South and Northwest. Ancient standards consider two, three, six, eight, and nine horses as lucky, with six horses being especially auspicious due to the phonetic similarity between “six” (Liu) and “prosperity” (Lu). This signifies the idea of prosperity racing! Avoid placing five horses as it symbolizes “dividuation among five horses”. Horses have long been used as symbols of wealth when placed in wealth corners. However, those born during the Year of the Rat should avoid placing horse-related items indoors to prevent potential conflict.

Animals In Feng Shui | Dog

Dogs provide positive feng shui when placed in the home, aside from being man’s best friend. Although traditionally used for protection, dog figurines cannot physically guard your home but can be placed near its entrance for symbolic protection. Ideally positioned dogs should avoid Southeast, as other directions are more favorable and only one or two figurines are necessary. Different colored dogs should be placed according to their corresponding directions: black in the North, white in the West, and yellow in the South. However, those born during the Year of the Dragon should avoid this placement to prevent clashes. Auspicious placement should occur for those born during the Years of the Rabbit and Tiger.


In feng shui, the rooster is believed to help counter pestilence caused by centipedes and caterpillars, as well as aid in curing diseases caused by parasites. While usually unnecessary inside the home, unless facing architectural features resembling harmful insects such as centipedes or caterpillars, placing a rooster may help minimize noise pollution and internal conflicts. Additionally, two bronze roosters at the main entrance can prevent extramarital affairs from arising. However, those born during the Year of the Rabbit should refrain from placing roosters to prevent clashes with their partner.


Turtles have long been treasured symbols of longevity and prosperity in Chinese culture. As creatures of water and yin in nature, turtles have been used in feng shui to dispel negative energy and prevent harmful qi from entering through doors or openings in walls. While live turtles may no longer be popular, placing bronze turtles in your home can still serve to neutralize negative energies by adhering to the Feng Shui principle of transmuting rather than confronting ShaQi. Bronze turtles can help mitigate various forms of ShaQi, such as sharp angles, heavenly chop, irregularly shaped buildings, and road collisions. For maximum feng shui protection, a pair of bronze turtles should be added along with a convex mirror.

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