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Office Plants | 4 Essential Plants to Improve Your Company’s Luck

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Improve Feng Shui in Your Workplace with Office Plant Choices

Feeling uncomfortable about the vibe in your workplace lately? Try adding beautiful office plants to adjust the ambiance and enhance your mood.

  • Orchids: These require special attention but have been proven to add positivity and expand social networks. Pine and Cypress trees also foster harmonious interpersonal relations and attract clients with their evergreen nature, acting as welcoming “Guest Pines.”
  • Kumquat plants: Symbolizing wealth, these are ideal to help increase financial gains. Chrysanthemum tea helps calm and relax the mind; planting one can create a stable energy field.
  • Cacti: These are essential features in any office environment, as they absorb computer radiation and serve as a defense mechanism against negative energies.

Spider Plant Care: The spider plant is an often appreciated office plant, known for purifying air from harmful pollutants while radiating positive energy. However, not all offices may be suitable for keeping spider plants.

Spider plants belong to the water element in the Five Elements theory and should be placed near water sources for optimal growth. Furthermore, they are great in East and Southeast directions as wood helps hydrate. However, for offices that should avoid water elements, these types of plants should be avoided altogether. Their wood element makes them suitable for placement near fire sources in fire-related areas for enhanced feng shui.

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