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5 Feng Shui Locations That Can Affect Your Body

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Feng Shui orientation and health are often discussed. Improper Feng Shui positioning can have serious repercussions for individuals living within a dwelling, impacting both diet and Feng Shui principles to lessen external environmental influences on one’s well-being. Understanding which Feng Shui issues could contribute to various diseases is crucial.

Health Issues Caused by Overpasses

Overpasses, an urban fixture, can have long-term adverse consequences for those working or living nearby. Airflow and noise from fast-moving vehicles can weaken nerves and cause digestive discomfort; symptoms may include insomnia where even minor noises cause awakening; chronic duodenal ulcers; while high voltage towers or television towers with their intense radiation can have devastating consequences on mental health resulting in serious diseases like leukemia.

Health Issues Caused by Abandoned Buildings

Commercial buildings at crossroads can be extremely lucrative; however, when their design compromises access or blocks Feng Shui flow they become what are known as dead-end buildings – an inconvenient environment with limited Feng Shui flow that could potentially result in stomach and bronchial issues and possible cancerous cells forming inside them resulting in long-term residence causing stomach, lung or brain impacts.

Health Concerns Caused by Glass Curtain Walls

Glass curtain walls create reflective surfaces that have an adverse impact on human health, particularly eye diseases. Prolonged exposure to sunlight reflection may cause eye pain leading to conditions such as cataracts or keratitis; and in more serious cases glaucoma which could eventually result in blindness.

Gas Stations and Railroads Have Been Found to Pose Health Risks

Gas stations and railroads pose serious health hazards due to noise pollution from vehicle traffic and passing trains, which can damage hearing leading to deafness and tinnitus. Furthermore, air quality in these areas is poor with heavy oil content that kills qi causing environmental stress in the long-run.

Situations Causing Psychological Retardation

Visual and auditory stimuli are among the primary causes of mental disorders. Feng Shui offers one approach for remedying such impacts by looking to tall buildings – in particular high walls surrounding residences can obstruct the natural flow of Qi energy, eventually leading to depression; tall chimneys create an oppressive feeling while graveyards with their heavy yin energy may contribute to mental illness issues which eventually manifest themselves as cerebrovascular diseases that have long-term ramifications on human health.

“Feng Shui for Body” recognizes the impact our living and working environments can have on both physical and mental wellbeing. By following Feng Shui principles when designing spaces for living and working spaces, we can optimize health benefits, reduce adverse side effects and create harmony between ourselves and external forces.

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