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5 Principles of Feng Shui Office Design

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    2 月
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Dealing With Pillars in Large Office Spaces

Pillars play an essential structural support function in corporate spaces, yet their shape and placement also play a crucial role in creating an ideal working environment. Sharp corners from square pillars may produce negative energy that generates tension or fatigue among employees; to counter this issue consider renovating them into rounded ones or using plants and file cabinets to soften any harsh edges and increase “feng shui office” atmosphere.

Choosing Effective Color Schemes for Productive Workspace

Office color palettes should preferably feature lighter hues. High-pressure work environments can increase stress and dark colors can heighten feelings of oppression; light hues can provide relief without seeming frivolous; provided the floor remains dark enough for balance and grounding purposes.

Principles of Office Layout

Industry and nature of work dictate an office layout. Sales departments thrive near entrances to harness vibrant energy; customer service should be placed front-and-center as a symbol of prioritizing clients; financial and production departments require careful positioning within an “effective office feng shui framework”.

Identifying Auspicious Office Locations

Business success depends heavily on its location. Assessing a city’s terrain to select an effective area is crucial, while knowing more about your building and industry requirements are equally essential to growth. An office benefits from being situated next to taller structures that provide stability and protection; however, proximity to elevated highways can introduce harmful energy that should be balanced out using large plants or objects as defense mechanisms.

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