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6 Feng Shui Considerations for the Front Door of Your House

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Impact of Tree Growth on Door

Planting trees before building a home is age-old wisdom. Yet, one directly in front of your entrance can block vital energy flow. This creates “Sha Qi,” or hostile energy, harming health and well-being. A “feng shui house” needs clear energy pathways. Adding slim plants like bamboo can enhance aesthetics without harming feng shui. This adds beauty without affecting energy flow.

Vines at the Entrance: A Feng Shui Perspective

For good feng shui, avoid vines near the front door. They may look decorative but can symbolize obstacles. Their roots suggest misfortune in career or relationships. To ward off bad energy or disasters, remove them completely.

Importance of Door Size and Location

A main entrance, known as the “mouth of Qi,” should be unobstructed to ensure smooth energy circulation within a home. Furthermore, layout considerations within the house – specifically avoiding direct alignment between two doors – is vital in order to avoid energy losses and conflicts between rooms. Likewise, door sizes must fit with their scale in order to provide equal energy distribution between spaces – an overly large entrance in an otherwise modest home can create undue stress on its occupants and cause unhappiness for them.

Optimum Direction for Main Entrance

Entrances should preferably not face southwest or northeast directions in order to reduce burglaries and negative influences on financial transactions and personal peace. Modern architectural designs tend to overlook this principle, making it essential for enthusiasts of Feng Shui house selection to take note of where the main door faces when selecting their home.

Is Front Door Color Destiny Determinative?

Color plays an integral part in attracting and maintaining energy within a home, both physically and energetically. Selecting an auspicious hue for the front door can enhance luck in the household while drawing positivity into it from outside sources. Decisions regarding door color selection should take into account orientation, composition of inhabitants’ elements as well as timing when making this important choice based on feng shui principles – making the door not just an aesthetic consideration but an essential factor influencing overall wellbeing within its vicinity.

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