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6 Feng Shui Considerations for Windows

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How Windows Should Face for a Feng Shui House

In a feng shui house, window design aims to boost air circulation and replace stale air with fresh. It increases natural contact and ensures good lighting. The goal is abundant yang energy and vitality to keep the household healthy.

To ensure circulation, windows must be positioned directly opposite each other. Whether facing north-south or east-west, it is crucial to have a window on each side to guarantee air flow. For example, windows facing north-south or east-west ensure air circulates through the house. This contributes to the occupants’ health and wellbeing.

The best way to open windows in a feng shui house should not be sliding up or down, as this restricts the window to opening only halfway. Contemporary aluminum windows are designed this way. Opting for windows that open outward can enhance the success energy of the occupants, allowing positive energy to flow in and negative energy to flow out.

Can Windows Open Inward?

Nowadays, sliding windows are common, but in older houses in the countryside, you might still find windows that open outward or inward.

Windows can disrupt external space and disturb room energy, whether they open inward or outward. In feng shui, inward-opening windows are considered more harmful. They encroach on indoor space, making occupants feel timid and hesitant, shrinking from challenges.

Addressing the issue of inward-opening windows is simple: place several potted plants beneath them to enhance energy. Hence, ancient people liked to place musical instrument stands under windows to boost energy. Other window styles, like those that only push up, could lead to unsuccessful careers for the occupants. Painting windows bright colors, hanging venetian blinds for shielding, and avoiding fabric curtains are recommended. Potted plants and crystal glass decorations can also add energy.

Windows act as a conduit for energy in a feng shui house, should be easy to open, and must draw in fresh air and light daily to ensure health. Thus, keeping windows in good repair is vital to avoid damaging the soul’s windows—our eyes.

Adjusting Yin and Yang with Windows

Windows, serving for ventilation and lighting, become crucial in balancing the yin and yang of a house. Windows should fully open, as sliding windows that open only halfway hinder the flow of energy inside, greatly diminishing the effectiveness of energy movement.

The east and south sides are the main directions for lighting, making it essential to have larger windows in these locations. Additionally, proper curtains are necessary to regulate light, ensuring the house is filled with sufficient yang energy without being excessive, thus balancing yin and yang.

Sources of Light Entering Through Windows

Windows are not only the entry point for natural light but also collect various light sources, especially in urban areas where outdoor lighting, such as street lights, neon lights, and spotlights, as well as reflected sunlight, can enter through windows. These light sources are unfavorable for a feng shui house because they are unnatural and can vary, easily affecting the mood of the occupants, causing restlessness. Light reflected from bathrooms, known as reflective sha, can lead to accidents and should be carefully managed. Utilizing curtains effectively to block abnormal light is essential.

Ideal Bedroom Window Size

Having discussed the feng shui knowledge regarding doors and windows, it is reiterated that they are key to gathering and dispersing energy. Therefore, the bedroom windows in a feng shui house also require careful design.

The bedroom, a place for rest and sleep, needs to accumulate a large amount of yang energy to replenish the body’s energy while maintaining a stable airflow, preventing strong winds from entering. Given this, bedroom windows should not be too large, as this could leak auspicious energy, leading to lethargy. Large windows also destabilize airflow, making it easy to catch colds at night due to excessive yin energy, while excessive sunlight during the day can disturb mental states, causing fatigue, irritability, and anger.

Overlooked Aspects of Window Feng Shui

Although window sills are not large, they are often utilized for placing flower pots, drying shoes, or keeping small toys. It’s important to remember that windows play a crucial role in energy circulation, so the arrangement of items should not impede the feng shui of the window.

Piling up too many items can obstruct air circulation, and special attention should be paid when drying shoes outside, as the odor from shoes is considered negative energy and can bring harmful energy into the home if blown indoors. Appropriately chosen plants can help purify the air and bring good fortune.

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