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Feng Shui Office-6 Knowledge Points for Company Site Selection

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Traditional Chinese metaphysics recognizes the unique differences between males and females, with concepts like the “Left Green Dragon” and the “Right White Tiger.” These symbolize masculine and feminine energies respectively, supporting the idea that men should sit on the left while women on the right.

Feng Shui Office | Male Entrepreneurs” are here

If the company’s head is male, selecting a room on the left side of the building and placing taller structures there can help enhance Yang energy, aiding business growth while discouraging negativity. This aligns with feng shui’s “site selection” principle and is particularly advantageous for industries associated with masculinity.

Feng Shui Office | For Female Entrepreneurs

Female entrepreneurs should instead seek spaces on the right, where the building exceeds that of its “Green Dragon” position on the left, to support women’s leadership and empowerment within business.

Feng Shui Office | The Triangle Dilemma

Triangle-shaped plots are thought of as aggressive, harboring Sha Qi, making them unsuitable for business premises. Due to this shape’s difficulty of using efficiently, financial prosperity could suffer as a result. One remedy could be delineating a square primary area and assigning less auspicious spaces like restrooms or storage. Tall plants can help mitigate negative energies.

Feng Shui Office | Proximity to Churches

Temples may not be commonly found in city centers, but churches can often be found within commercial hubs. Due to collective spiritual intentions at religious sites, energy levels at these religious venues may disrupt business environments leading to fluctuating fortunes. Therefore, near religious venues it may be wiser to engage in commerce related to spirituality in order to avoid disruption.

Importance of Bus Stops

Location near bus stations can be beneficial to businesses of all kinds, providing easy access and drawing both foot traffic and wealth to them. The same principle holds true for parking lots where establishing eateries, newsstands or convenience stores within 200-meters may prove lucrative.

Water Near Office Building

Water bodies near office buildings can either be beneficial or detrimental, depending on their quality. Clean water symbolizes abundance while stagnant or foul-smelling bodies of water may bring bad luck. Shape, sound and location all play key roles in determining their impact on business success.

Ground Floor Retail Benefits

Ground-floor shops located within multi-use buildings enjoy optimal feng shui conditions, directly benefiting from energy flows along roads and their ability to draw customers quickly. When selecting sites using Feng Shui principles for businesses, lower levels are usually the optimal way to stay connected to Earth’s energy and ensure future success and prosperity.

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