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Feng Shui Sofa | 7 Feng Shui Taboos of Sofas

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The Feng Shui Sofa Guide: Create Harmony in Your Home

Choosing an auspicious sofa position creates harmony. Yet, knowing feng shui taboos is crucial. Wrong placement can disrupt energy flow, harming your home’s feng shui.

Consistency in Sofa Sets

For best feng shui, use a complete sofa set rather than mixing parts. Mismatching disrupts energy balance. Ideally, seat five or six people; more can block Chi flow.

Curved Over Straight Placement

Single sofas shaped like letters U are ideal as energy-gathering spots, while their U-shape is preferable because its arms represent support. Their U-shaped centers serve to gather and collect positive energy that fosters wealth and well-being. Long couches can have two, no, or one armrest. Feng shui prefers two armrests for support and balance. For armless sofas, ensure placement blocks negative energy. With one armrest, position it to effectively shield from negative energies.

Backing Your Sofa

A good feng shui sofa should always have a solid wall behind it to symbolize support and stability, to enhance prosperity and peace. Avoid placing sofas directly adjacent to bathrooms or kitchens as this could pose health hazards; walls that face outdoors with harsh weather should also not be ideal, nor windows or passages because this would lack support, leading to negative outcomes in terms of prosperity and peace. If this is not feasible for any reason then consider installing low cabinets or screens behind the sofa instead as this creates an artificial mountain; fish tanks or water features must also be avoided as this could result in instability and financial losses as this creates instability as this leads directly from behind.

Avoid Large Mirrors Behind the Sofa

Large mirrors in the living room can make the space appear brighter and larger; however, placing one directly behind a sofa is considered bad feng shui as it reveals vulnerabilities of those sitting and can create feelings of discomfort and unease among seated occupants. If necessary, place mirror elsewhere within the room.

Be Wary of Overhead Beams

An overhead beam above the sofa can represent oppression, negatively affecting family wellness. If this situation cannot be avoided, place plants such as bamboo on side tables to mitigate this negative energy and hang an upward-facing flute beneath the beam in order to symbolically “lift” its oppressive energy.

Sofa Shouldn’t Facing Main Door Directly

Directly facing your main door creates an aggressive environment and has detrimental health impacts. To mitigate, place a screen between the sofa and door in order to divert energy flow away from being directed directly at you if this cannot be avoided; facing another room door instead would likely be less detrimental.

Lighting Above a Sofa

Direct overhead lighting on a sofa can cause discomfort and emotional instability for those seated, so if necessary angle the lights towards a wall instead to produce more diffused illumination.

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