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9 Feng Shui Sofa Arrangements to Boost Your Home’s Fortune

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Harmonizing Your Space: Feng Shui Sofa Placement Solutions for Different House Orientations

Feng shui emphasizes the placement of sofas to create balance and harmony in living spaces. The house’s orientation is key in choosing an auspicious spot for feng shui couches. This guide will show you how to align sofa placement with energy flow for an optimized home.

Sofa Placement Based on House Orientation

  • Zhen House: Place the sofa first in the north, then south, moving it along the wall and back in the opposite direction.
  • Xun House (Northwest Facing): Start with the sofa in the south, then move it north.
  • Li House (North Facing): Place the sofa first in the west, then southward.
  • Kan House (South Facing): Optimal placement is northward, then westward.
  • Kun Houses (Northeast Facing): Position it southwest first, then east.
  • Dui Houses (East Oriented): Place the sofa either northwest or southeast.
  • Qian Houses (Southeast Facing): Position it east, then southwest.
  • Gen House (Southwest Facing): Optimal positions are northwest or northeast, based on the head of household’s Kua number.

For small households, consider the Kua number of the family leader for optimal placement. East group Kua numbers favor east, southeast, south, or north. West group Kua numbers are best placed southwest, west, northwest, or northeast.

KUA Number-Specific Sofa Placement The primary and secondary directions for placing a feng shui sofa depend on your Kua number:

  • East Group: Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li
  • West Group: Gen, Kun, Dui, Qian

This personalized approach optimizes energy flow.

Sofa Placement According to Chinese Zodiac Using your Chinese zodiac sign can guide sofa placement:

  • Rat: Southeast, southwest, northeast
  • Ox, Tiger, Sheep, Rooster: Southeast, south, north
  • Rabbit, Snake, Horse, Dog: South, southwest, northeast
  • Dragon: South, southwest, north
  • Monkey: Southeast, south, southwest, north
  • Pig: Southwest, north, northeast

Aligning your sofa placement with these guidelines can enhance the feng shui of your home.

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