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Feng Shui | House Luck with the Eight Mansions Method

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Individuals’ destiny gua splits into East and West Four Life Gua. Similarly, houses divide into East and West Four Houses, totaling eight houses. The Feng Shui theory based on this division is known as the Eight Mansions method.

The East Four Houses are: Zhen House (facing west), Li House (facing north), Xun House (facing northwest), and Kan House (facing south).

The West Four Houses are: Qian House (facing southeast), Dui House (facing east), Gen House (facing southwest), and Kun House (facing northeast).

Determining the orientation is simple, based on the main entrance. If the door faces west, it is considered facing west. If there are multiple doors, the primary frequently used door is considered. The house gua is also divided into different elements and Feng Shui directions:

Zhen House

Element Wood, due East (minor auspicious – Hidden), Southeast (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), due South (highly auspicious – Life Generating), Southwest (minor misfortune – Calamity), due West (highly unfortunate – Terminal), Northwest (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), due North (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), Northeast (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings).

Kan House

Element Water, due East (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), Southeast (highly auspicious – Life Generating), due South (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), Southwest (highly unfortunate – Terminal), due West (minor misfortune – Calamity), Northwest (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), due North (moderately auspicious – Hidden), Northeast (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts).

Xun House

Element Wood, due East (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), Southeast (minor auspicious – Hidden), due South (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), Southwest (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), due West (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), Northwest (minor misfortune – Calamity), due North (highly auspicious – Life Generating), Northeast (highly unfortunate – Terminal).

Li House

Element Fire, due East (highly auspicious – Life Generating), Southeast (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), due South (minor auspicious – Hidden), Southwest (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), due West (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), Northwest (highly unfortunate – Terminal), due North (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), Northeast (minor misfortune – Calamity).

Gen House

Element Earth, due East (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), Southeast (highly unfortunate – Terminal), due South (minor misfortune – Calamity), Southwest (highly auspicious – Life Generating), due West (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), Northwest (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), due North (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), Northeast (minor auspicious – Hidden).

Qian House

Element Metal, due East (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), Southeast (minor misfortune – Calamity), due South (highly unfortunate – Terminal), Southwest (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), due West (highly auspicious – Life Generating), Northwest (minor auspicious – Hidden), due North (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), Northeast (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor).

Dui House

Element Metal, due East (highly unfortunate – Terminal), Southeast (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), due South (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), Southwest (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), due West (minor auspicious – Hidden), Northwest (highly auspicious – Life Generating), due North (minor misfortune – Calamity), Northeast (moderately auspicious – Prolonging).

Kun House

Element Earth, due East (minor misfortune – Calamity), Southeast (highly unfortunate – Five Ghosts), due South (moderately unfortunate – Six Killings), Southwest (minor auspicious – Hidden), due West (highly auspicious – Heavenly Doctor), Northwest (moderately auspicious – Prolonging), due North (highly unfortunate – Terminal), Northeast (highly auspicious – Life Generating).

Life Generating, Prolonging, Heavenly Doctor, and Hidden positions are auspicious. Five Ghosts and Terminal positions are inauspicious. Six Killings and Calamity positions mix misfortune and fortune.

The Heavenly Doctor position is known as the Wealth position. The Five Ghosts position is associated with Disputes. The Six Killings is known as the Peach Blossom position.

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