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Body Reading | Analysis of Back

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A well-proportioned and smooth back is considered ideal in Body Reading, indicating strength and reliability. Let’s delve into the implications of different back shapes.

Square and Long Back: Individuals with a square and long back are often blessed with wisdom and fortune. Those with a round and fan-like thickness are seen as wealthy and dignified. People with thick backs generally possess strong leadership qualities and can handle significant responsibilities, making them reliable figures in their communities.

Back Shape

Broad and Slightly Curved Back: This shape, known as a ‘turtle back’ in physiognomy, symbolizes a distinguished and affluent life, especially in one’s middle years. Those with a back type resembling piled stones are believed to enjoy long lives filled with prosperity and respect.

Back Shape

Flat and Concave Back: A back that is flat and deeply concave in the middle suggests physical weakness and a life of solitude and challenges. Individuals with this back type often face setbacks and stagnation in their middle years and may struggle to find opportunities that match their talents. It is advisable for them to focus on nutrition and maintaining their health.

Back Shape

Bow-shaped and Bony Back: Those whose backs curve like a bow and reveal bones tend to have weak willpower and lack vitality and spirit. Their lives are typically marked by hardship and continuous labor, leading to shorter lifespans, difficulty in amassing wealth, and weaker bonds with their children and family.

    Back Shape

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