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Feng Shui Bedroom-Bedroom Bed Head Facing Taboo

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Impact of Bed Position on Access

In feng shui bedroom design, never place the bed so its headboard faces the door. This layout, known as the “coffin position,” signifies energy loss. It could lead to declines in professional and physical well-being. This setup allows negative energy to enter directly, disturbing the room’s tranquility.

Remedies for Direct Door Alignment

Feng Shui Bedroom-Tidy bedroom

For optimal sleeping environments, the easiest solution to direct door alignment is repositioning the bed away from direct alignment with it. If this isn’t an option, altering sleeping direction so the head doesn’t face directly towards the door is another effective measure to protect sleepers from disruptive energies and provide more restful nights’ rest.

Avoid Window-Adjacent Bed Placement

Feng Shui Bedroom-Tidy bedroom

Positioning the bed under a window disrupts the energy flow in a bedroom, possibly altering cognitive functions and leading to health concerns. Furthermore, exposure to direct sunlight as well as natural elements like wind, rain, and thunder may disrupt sleep while potentially creating safety risks if glass breaks from breaking windows.

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