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How to Choose Bedroom Colors – Feng Shui Bedroom

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Feng Shui Bedroom Design

While personal preference often dictates bedroom color choices, feng shui provides insight into how colors affect the atmosphere and energy of a sleeping space. When designing a “feng shui bedroom,” colors should promote relaxation by creating an environment conducive to restful sleeping conditions – without becoming overly vibrant or stimulating which might disrupt this ideal state.

Color Selection Based on Bedroom Orientation

Bedroom orientation plays an influential role in choosing an optimal color palette; each direction calls out for specific hues to balance energy according to feng shui:

  • South-Facing Bedrooms: Light and airy colors such as gray-white or beige should be chosen to reflect the abundance of light that floods into these spaces, creating an inviting yet serene environment.
  • North-Facing Bedrooms: To combat the cool, less sunlit conditions of these bedrooms, warmer tones such as light purple or light yellow can bring subtle energy and warmth into the space, amplifying its yang energy.
  • East-Facing Bedrooms: Light red or white hues may work best to welcome the morning sunlight into the space and offer an energetic wakeup.
  • West-Facing Bedrooms: Light blue and light green shades can bring comforting cooling effects, particularly during the afternoon and evening when these rooms capture more direct sunlight.

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