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Luck In Love | Calculating Your Blossom Luck with Feng Shui

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Luck in Love | Searching for love can often feel like an intricate maze, but Feng Shui provides an intriguing tool to predict times of increased romantic opportunities via Peach Blossom Luck – a form of luck deeply embedded within Chinese Zodiac that indicates when individuals may meet more meaningful romantic prospects.

Understanding Peach Blossom Luck

Peach Blossom Luck is determined annually, taking into account all twelve Chinese Zodiac signs. For instance, those born during years associated with Tiger, Horse, and Dog signs experience greater “luck in love” during Rabbit years. Individuals under Snake, Rooster, and Ox signs experience enhanced Peach Blossom Luck, while those under Pig, Rabbit, Goat signs, and Rat years have their Peach Blossom years. Monkey, Rat, and Dragon individuals experience love luck during Rooster years – this cycle helps individuals pinpoint potential love encounters!

Monthly and Daily Peach Blossom Luck

Just as there are auspicious years for love, there are also specific months, days, and hours that have been designated as auspicious for romance based on your zodiac sign. For instance, Tiger, Horse, and Dog signs experience Peach Blossom Luck during the Rabbit month (March). Snakes, Roosters, and Ox signs enjoy Peach Blossom periods during the Horse month (June). Pig, Rabbits, and Goat signs find love luck during the Rat month (December). Monkey, Rat, and Dragon signs can look forward to enjoying peach blossom luck during September – the month of the Rooster!

These months are calculated according to the lunar calendar, offering a clear road map for finding love.

By applying this formula to specific days and hours within their Peach Blossom year and month, individuals can increase the odds of discovering meaningful romantic connections.

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