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Assessing Career Fortune through Palm and Face Reading

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Career fortune is a topic of concern for many people. Questions like whether one’s career development will be smooth, whether it’s time to change jobs, whether starting a business is a good idea, and what profession is suitable for oneself, trouble many. Below, Mr. Yu from Sanliu Fengshui analyzes these questions from both palmistry and physiognomy aspects.

1. What Profession Is Suitable for Me? Should I Change Jobs?

These two questions are closely related. If one is not in a suitable profession, significant development can be hard to achieve, making job changes inevitable.

Determining a suitable profession starts with understanding one’s personality traits, which are reflected in both palmistry and physiognomy.

First, let’s look at the influence of palmistry:

  1. A long and thick index finger with a prominent Jupiter mount (the pad at the base of the index finger) signifies a strong sense of superiority, confidence, leadership ability, and a desire for power. If the thumb is also long, it indicates a good leader or manager.
  2. A long and thick middle finger with a prominent Saturn mount suggests a strong desire for knowledge, spiritual control, calmness, and a preference for a secluded, pastoral life, making this person a suitable candidate for technical expertise.
  3. A long and thick little finger with a prominent Mercury mount indicates smooth communication skills, talent in making money, and science and technology, making for a successful businessman, lawyer, or doctor.
  4. Large Upper and Lower Mars mounts indicate a hot temper, aggressiveness, and resilience, making military, police, or firefighting suitable professions.
  5. A long and thick ring finger with a prominent Sun mount suggests a strong sense of superiority, artistic talent, and a knack for performance, suitable for a career in the arts.

Next, let’s examine how physiognomy influences career choice:

  1. The “Official Salary Palace” in physiognomy, if full, suits employment in large organizations or government, promising a rapid rise. If recessed, self-employment or a military career is more fitting.
Image: Official Salary Palace
  1. Facial shapes—square, triangular, and round—indicate practicality, inventiveness, and enjoyment, respectively, influencing career paths.
Image: Facial Shapes

Although we’ve introduced how palmistry and physiognomy influence career choices separately, combining both for analysis yields more accurate insights.

2. Is Starting a Business Suitable for Me?

This has been partially addressed above. The most suitable palm and face for business include a long little finger, prominent Mercury mount, and a round face, indicating good communication skills and financial acumen.

The shape of the nose and the thumb also play roles in determining suitability for business. The “wealth nose” suggests hard-earned, steady progress, while a “speculative nose” indicates potential for significant, albeit risky, earnings.

Image: Thumb Analysis

3. Will My Career Be Smooth Sailing?

The stability and development of a career can be discerned from the career line, also known as the fate line. Its clarity and length indicate career stability rather than quality. In modern society, job changes are normal, so the presence or clarity of the career line mainly speaks to stability, not success or failure.

In ancient palmistry, a clear career line was preferable, reflecting the societal conditions of the time. Nowadays, the absence or presence of a career line more accurately reflects the stability of one’s career rather than its success, acknowledging that career changes are often part of personal development.

While palmistry and physiognomy offer insights into one’s career potential and suitability, they should be considered together for a comprehensive analysis, recognizing that the modern workplace values flexibility and the willingness to adapt to new opportunities.

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