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Categories and Meanings of the Career Line in Palmistry

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The career line, also known as the fate line, can reveal the stability and development of a person’s career. The position of the career line and the ages it represents are illustrated in the image below:

Below is an analysis of the palmistry aspects of the career line:

1. Length and Clarity of the Career Line: A long and clear career line indicates that a person will engage in a single profession or technical field with few major changes. In modern society, job changes are normal, so the length and clarity of the career line do not necessarily indicate the quality of one’s career but rather its stability. For housewives, the career line is usually long since their career involves family care over a long period.

2. Starting Point of the Career Line: A low starting point suggests early education or work away from home. A starting point at the Mount of Venus indicates reliance on parents for career opportunities, at the Mount of Moon suggests reliance on friends or the opposite sex, and a middle starting point signifies self-reliance. If the line starts from the Upper Mars, it indicates favor from superiors.

3. High Starting Point: Indicates late entry into the workforce, possibly after extensive education. It may also indicate a reclusive personality.

4. Islands on the Career Line: Suggest significant obstacles in career development. An island at the end often predicts career failure.

5. Crossed by Horizontal Lines: Indicates emotional instability and a feeling of underachievement. Fewer lines on the right hand suggest maturity and acceptance that not everything depends on effort.

6. Double Career Lines: Indicate the opportunity for multiple jobs.

7. Curved Career Line: Suggests an inability to establish a stable career foundation.

8. Career Line Starting from the Mount of Venus: With a downward heart line indicates opposition from family affecting relationships negatively.

9. Starting Point Fork: A fork with one line at the Mount of Moon and another at the Mount of Venus indicates overcoming significant obstacles at the career’s start.

10. Chaotic Starting Point: Indicates an unhappy childhood.

11. Ends at the Head Line: Suggests career progress halts due to intellectual reasons.

12. Ends at the Heart Line: Generally indicates retirement without special implications.

13. Secondary Career Line on the Life Line: Indicates smooth early career development, with a mid-career opportunity for family cooperation or taking over a family business.

14. Ascending Lines: Suggest accelerated career development.

15. Lines Extending to the Mount of Moon: Indicate help from the opposite sex in career or marriage during that period.

16. Crosses at the Start: Indicate adverse childhood environments.

17. Lines Pointing to Jupiter Mount: Suggest strong leadership support.

18. Lines Pointing to Sun Mount: Indicate artistic talent support.

19. Triple Forked End: Represents harvest in power, reputation, and wealth.

20. Square on the Career Line: Indicates career stability and the ability to navigate risks safely.

21. Absence of Career Line Despite a Singular Career: Reflects inner thoughts rather than actions. Desiring a job change without actual change will manifest in the career line’s absence.

Face reading is also essential for determining specific career change ages, as the palm only provides approximate ages.

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