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Face Reading | Analysis of Cheekbone Physiognomy

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    4 月
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Cheekbones are a prominent feature in face reading, indicating various personality traits and potential life outcomes. Here are four distinct types of cheekbone formations and what they suggest about a person:

Balanced and Full Cheekbones

Individuals with well-proportioned and full cheekbones are seen as decisive and confident, often destined for power and prestige. They possess a strong presence and ambition, along with a drive for advancement. Such individuals are likely to receive support from influential people, leading to significant achievements in life.

    Thin and Prominently High Cheekbones

    Those with thinly fleshed, bone-visible, forward-jutting cheekbones tend to have overly strong personalities. They are frequently dissatisfied with their current situation and strive aggressively for power, which can be oppressive to others. If they achieve success in middle age without personal development, they may be plagued by disputes.

      Horizontally Wide and Protruding Cheekbones

      People with this cheekbone type have a high sense of self-esteem, are bold in their actions, and confident in their strategies. They appear reserved but are warm-hearted, adept at both offense and defense. They enjoy holding power, are ambitious, competitive, and good at managing wealth.

        Low and Flat Cheekbones

        Individuals with low-set, flat cheekbones generally lack determination and resilience. They tend to accommodate others too much and may develop a dependency, preferring not to engage in complex, changeable tasks or competitions. They have a mild nature, low desires, and insufficient leadership dynamism.

          These cheekbone characteristics not only reveal a lot about an individual’s personality but also help predict their social behavior and potential success or challenges in life. Understanding these features can provide valuable insights into personal and professional relationships.

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