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Face Reading | Chin Physiognomy Analysis

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Wide and Round Chin

Face Reading | Individuals with a wide and round chin are down-to-earth, kind-hearted, value interpersonal relationships, and have a wide social circle. They possess leadership qualities, pursue their ideals, and have strong material desires. If they start their own businesses, they are likely to receive support from their subordinates, enjoying a peaceful life in their later years.

Pointed and Small Chin

People with a pointed and small chin have a strong curiosity, are quick to react, and are cautious by nature. However, they may also experience fluctuating emotions, showing signs of nervousness and impatience. If the chin is pointed but accompanied by sunken cheeks, there may be concerns of loneliness in their later years.

Square Chin with Prominent Jawline

Those who have a square chin and prominent jawline are pragmatic, possess a sense of justice, and prefer dealing with concrete matters. They are patient, confident, and stable in character. Most of them start their own businesses from scratch in their middle to later years.

Double Chin

Individuals with a double chin are generally kind, broad-minded, and take a laid-back approach to life. They are harmonious in their interactions and enjoy comfort and ease. They are fortunate in terms of unexpected wealth throughout their life and are able to both spend generously and save money, leading to a comfortable life in their later years.

Protruding and Elongated Chin

People with a protruding and elongated chin are smart, stubborn, and confident, with a strong willpower. They know when to showcase their abilities, though they may appear somewhat arrogant and strictly adhere to their principles. However, they often offend others unintentionally.

Chin with a Central Crease

Those with a crease in the center of their chin are emotionally rich, loyal, and possess leadership qualities capable of handling significant responsibilities. They are competitive and may come off as domineering. They can achieve fame and success during their middle years.

Round and Convex Chin

Individuals with a round and convex chin have leadership abilities. Despite a slight sense of self-superiority, they are still approachable, generous, and not bogged down by minor details. They are determined, proactive, and responsible, often taking the lead and are innovative in their endeavors.

Short and Retracted Chin

People with a short and retracted chin are not adept at expressing emotions, tend to suppress themselves, and lack confidence, leading to inaccurate judgments and impulsiveness. They often act rashly. Their fortune in later years is not favorable, and they are likely to be burdened by friends and subordinates.

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