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What is the Chinese God of Wealth

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Identify Where Wealth Is Distributed Within Your House

Locating the “wealth position” or “wealth corner” is key to attracting wealth into your home, as it is where energy (Qi) flows most strongly and can increase prosperity. The wealth position varies with different house layouts and can fluctuate annually with changes to feng shui stars; additionally, opinions regarding its exact placement can differ across schools of thought related to feng shui.

Some consider their wealth position to be diagonally across from their main entrance, while others use 1 White, 6 White, 8 White Flying Stars to determine it or use their personal Kua numbers as markers for it. Any area can be considered a wealth position provided it does not overlap with any inauspicious spots – by protecting this wealth position one can ensure a harmonious and prosperous year ahead.

Where Not to Place the God of Wealth

Positioning of the God of Wealth is of utmost importance and should not be taken lightly. In an ideal scenario, this deity should be placed in an auspicious location to promote prosperity; however, placing it atop an aquarium would be considered an extreme misstep by feng shui practitioners; aquariums are meant to neutralize negative energy in less desirable parts of your home and placing the God of Wealth here will not only fail to attract wealth but may actually bring misfortune and misfortune that leads to what feng shui calls “Zheng Shen Xia Shui”, or financial loss.

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