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Feng Shui House | How to Choose a House That Suits You

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Mountain Villas

As urban living spaces shrink and noise levels increase, mountain villas increasingly attract those looking for quiet retreats in rural settings. But are secluded mountain villas truly beneficial? How to choose the right feng shui house ?

Villas in mountain landscapes can draw the earth’s vital energies into a “feng shui house.” Yet, isolation with few neighbors might overload them with negative energy, harming inhabitants. Their inaccessibility could make them unsuitable for long-term living or even vacation visits. It’s wiser to visit these villas in groups for an optimal experience.

Selecting High-Rise Residences

With cities filled with high-rise residential buildings, selecting one can become a complex endeavor.

First and foremost, selecting a development based on its name is of vital importance in creating an ideal living environment that adheres to feng shui principles. A “Palm Springs” development may suit individuals lacking Water while fire element individuals may find it less suitable. On the other hand, “West Mountain Maple Forest” would likely better match up those lacking Wood while Earth element individuals might find it less fitting. Using name selection as a criteria provides a simple method of improving one’s living conditions according to Feng Shui principles.

Second, development orientation plays an essential role, similar to that of traditional dwellings. While each apartment in a building may face in different directions, its overall orientation remains key for drawing prosperity into your home or development site. A favorable general direction can even make up for less-than-ideal individual apartment orientations; and when an apartment aligns perfectly with this auspicious direction of its development – creating the “feng shui house.”

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