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The Influence of Feng Shui on Commercial and Residential Properties for Businesses

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Feng Shui Office | Understanding Arcade Buildings

As modern cities continue to expand, space for construction becomes scarcer, necessitating an increase in mixed-use buildings that combine commercial spaces on the ground floor with residential units above. Known as arcade buildings, this architectural style has its origins in Feng Shui architecture but is becoming increasingly prevalent today.

Feng Shui Office-Shopping malls and residential complexes

Arcade buildings blend Eastern and Western architectural cultures, making them particularly prevalent in Lingnan’s subtropical climate. Offering shelter from wind and rain while simultaneously increasing air circulation and meeting commercial needs of bustling trade areas. Found throughout Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hainan and other regions these iconic local landmarks have now become widespread fixtures of city commercial districts across China.

Potential Feng Shui Office Hazards in Arcade Buildings

Feng shui guidelines advise companies against setting up offices in arcade buildings, due to their chaotic energy flow in the passageways below that may compromise decision-making processes and lead to poor decision-making processes.

Also, due to their mixed-use nature, mixed-use buildings may expose company spaces such as boss’s offices, safes or altars inadvertently to being located directly beneath bathrooms of residential units above them – something which feng shui considers unfavorable as it may impede prosperity and decision-making within “feng shui offices”.

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