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Face Reading | Does Cosmetic Surgery Change Fate?

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Face Reading | Can plastic surgery indirectly change one’s destiny? This question undoubtedly piques the interest of many.

Regarding this query, it can only be said that plastic surgery has the potential to indirectly alter a person’s fate.

As the saying goes, “appearance reflects the heart.” If altering one’s appearance can impact one’s inner self significantly and consequently transform one’s inner self over time, then it’s possible to change one’s destiny. However, if your inner self remains unchanged, even with a changed appearance, the impact on destiny would be minimal.

For instance, if your nose bridge is not straight and protrudes, smoothing it out through plastic surgery could alter your mood, boosting your confidence, which, in turn, could change your destiny to some extent. But such changes vary from person to person; if it does not affect your mood, it won’t help change your destiny.

Face Reading | Change is from the inside out

Changing fate starts from within. If you understand your inner flaws and seek to improve them through plastic surgery, you must continually use your thoughts to change your inner self, which often has a significant chance of altering your fate.

In the United States, a specific case involved a doctor who treated many patients with depression by smoothing out the frown lines formed from frowning, using plastic surgery injections. After the procedure, those people couldn’t frown as naturally as before; they encountered a bit of resistance when trying to frown. Surprisingly, over seventy percent of these patients experienced a reduction or healing of their depressive symptoms.

This case illustrates the influence of plastic surgery on the inner self. When there’s resistance to frowning, it serves as a reminder not to succumb to depression and to control oneself. Thus, over time, the inner self changes, and so does one’s destiny.

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