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Face Reading | Analysis of the Cross Facial Shape

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Face reading divides facial shapes into ten distinct types, each corresponding to a Chinese character that encapsulates its key traits. Here’s a detailed analysis of these ten facial shapes:

Mu (目) Character Face

    Rectangular face shape. Individuals with this shape are stable, determined, and slightly stubborn. They are prudent and responsible. The nose is a critical feature for the Mu face; a short nose may lead to solitude and financial instability in middle age. Those with a longer nose are deemed to have a prosperous life.

    Yuan (圆) Character Face

      Round face, akin to the “enjoyment” face type. People with this shape are generally cheerful and smooth in their dealings. The cheekbones and a low nasal bridge are significant; higher cheekbones with this face shape can make one more amiable. However, women with round faces might encounter marital issues, as they tend to be more assertive at home, impacting their relationships.

      Jia (甲) Character Face

        Triangular face with a wide top and narrow bottom, reflecting a thoughtful nature. These individuals are quick thinkers and suited for roles in research or the arts.

        You (由) Character Face

          Inverted triangular face, wider at the bottom. Represents a lack of innate talent and intelligence but a strong material focus. Such individuals might not achieve much early in life but are resilient and can make significant strides later on.

          Shen (申) Character Face

            Oval or “egg-shaped” face, typically seen as attractive. The nose’s prominence is essential; a short nasal bridge suggests a lack of confidence and potential unfulfillment, while a high bridge indicates strong self-esteem and potential for success. However, people with Shen faces might act without sufficient forethought.

            Feng (风) Character Face

              Characterized by visible jawbones behind the ears, known for a rebellious nature. Individuals with Feng faces possess secrecy, destructiveness, and resilience, able to thrive even in adversity.

              Yong (用) Character Face

                Asymmetrical face where one cheekbone is more prominent than the other, indicating a life of ups and downs with unbalanced desires and material needs.

                Tong (同) Character Face

                  Stable and ambitious, great leadership qualities. Similar to a square face but with a rounder chin, indicative of wealth.

                  Tian (田) Character Face

                    Similar to the Tong face but with a more robust physique and more dynamic, yet lacking slightly in leadership compared to the Tong face.

                    Wang (王) Character Face

                      The cheekbones and jawbones are very prominent. These individuals are highly capable of enduring hardships and are adept at earning money, often through strenuous efforts. However, their financial management might be poor, leading to potential wealth loss.

                      These facial types offer insights into an individual’s personality, potential life challenges, and strengths according to traditional Chinese face reading. Understanding these can provide guidance for personal and professional relationships.

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