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Determining the Useful God Among the Ten Gods

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The Useful God in a Bazi chart is that particular Ten God that plays a crucial role. Identifying the Useful God is key, as encountering it in the annual cycle often signifies good fortune.

Based on different methods of identification, Useful Gods can be categorized into Passage Gods, Seasonal Adjustment Gods, and Healing Gods.

Passage Gods are critical. Their appearance during certain years often brings unexpected events that can turn danger into safety. When two gods counter each other, and the favored god is being suppressed, the god acting as a mediator becomes the Passage God.

For instance:

  • When Wealth (Caishen) counters Seal (Yinsha), Officer (Guan/Kill) acts as the Passage God, because Wealth generates Officer, and Officer generates Seal, preventing Wealth from countering Seal.
  • When Officer (Guan/Kill) counters Peer (Jiebi), Seal (Yinsha) is the Passage God, as Officer generates Seal, and Seal generates Peer, preventing Officer from countering Peer.
  • When Seal (Yinsha) counters Eating God (Shangshi), Peer (Jiebi) is the Passage God, because Seal generates Peer, and Peer generates Eating God, preventing Seal from countering Eating God.
  • When Peer (Jiebi) counters Wealth (Caishen), Eating God (Shangshi) is the Passage God, as Peer generates Eating God, and Eating God generates Wealth, preventing Peer from countering Wealth.
  • When Eating God (Shangshi) counters Officer (Guan/Kill), Wealth (Caishen) is the Passage God, because Eating God generates Wealth, and Wealth generates Officer, preventing Eating God from countering Officer.

Seasonal Adjustment Gods link the Yin-Yang and Five Elements of the Day Master with the climate of its residing Month Branch. This method primarily uses concepts related to climate, such as cold, hot, cool, warm, moist, and dry, to identify the Useful God.

For example, Jia Wood born in the winter months (Hai or Zi months) requires warmth from fire, making Bing Fire the Seasonal Adjustment God. Similarly, Metal born in the summer months (Si or Wu months), where intense fire melts metal, requires Water for adjustment, making Ren Water the Seasonal Adjustment God. While widely applied, this method is not always accurate and is provided here for reference.

Healing Gods simply refer to elements that act as a remedy. In Bazi, a deficiency in one of the Five Elements is considered an “illness.” When the annual cycle brings the needed element, the “illness” is cured. For instance, a person lacking Wood benefits from Wood, making Wood the Healing God. Thus, Jia, Yi, Yin, and Mao represent times when the remedy is applied, making them the Useful Gods in this context. Similarly, the concepts of being strong or weak in Regular Structures can also be seen as an “illness,” with corresponding elements that either support or counteract this state serving as both favorable and unfavorable gods, as well as Healing Gods.

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