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Use 3 kinds of animals to dissolve the ShaQi

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A traditional symbol of auspiciousness in Chinese culture, dragons can be an effective tool to mitigate ShaQi. However, certain details must be observed. First and foremost, dragons should be placed near water as this element is essential to their health and welfare. Ideally, they should face towards water sources like the sea or rivers outside your window, rather than drains or sewer ditches, as this would attract misfortune. Moreover, they should face water-related directions like North and not directly towards bedrooms to prevent ShaQi from impacting children at night. Paintings should also have gold frames to increase auspiciousness for optimal effects!


A traditional Chinese guardian creature, the lion is often used as a protective amulet against evil spirits. Stone lions would often stand outside official residences in ancient China, while now those relying on communication skills can use lions to enhance their luck.

As the northwest direction emanates from the West, it is ideal for placing lions to maximize their effectiveness. They should be displayed in pairs that differ by gender and maintain their integrity if one needs replacing. Their heads should face outward to disperse their ShaQi into windows and doors if stone lions cannot be accommodated at an entranceway; small metal ones may serve as replacements instead.

Bronze Gourd

In feng shui, the bronze gourd is believed to both dispel demons and counteract ShaQi energy. Crafted of copper and designed in the form of a gourd shape, its materials and round form classify it as metal, which helps neutralize earth-related ShaQi that causes illness or misfortune according to feng shui principles.

Histories show that Taoist priests would carry bronze gourds to enhance their power of neutralizing ShaQi and trapping demons with its narrow mouth and large belly, allowing ShaQi in but not out. These vessels became an effective tool in the battle against demonic forces.

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