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How to Distinguish Between Good and Bad Feng Shui in a House

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Feng Shui Division Overview

In the Feng Shui division of the house, in addition to the eight houses, four houses in the east, four houses in the west and twenty-four mountains and other divisions, there are other divisions. The first few divisions are objective theory divisions without emotional coloring, while the divisions we are going to mention now have emotional coloring.

Aura Division in Business

For people in business, it is extremely important for stores to have a good aura, which is directly related to the prosperity of business. It is not difficult to see in our life, the same business district stores, some stores are very prosperous, some stores no matter what business can not be long. A good aura can indeed attract wealth and prosperity.

Eight Directions of Aura

This division of the aura is also divided into eight, or to gossip to do based on the eight directions also become gossip directions, and according to gossip on the aura is divided into auspicious aura and vicious aura, also known as the four auspicious parties and four vicious parties. One of the four auspicious directions is angry, heavenly medicine, Yan Nian, ambush position; four fierce directions are five ghosts, six deaths, disaster, extinction. Therefore, the store feng shui arrangement should try to choose the four auspicious directions.

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