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Chinese Zodiac | Analysis of People Born in the Year of the Dog

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    3 月
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Chinese Zodiac | Individuals born in the Year of the Dog tend to be rather conservative and inherently cautious, taking time to form deep bonds with people they meet. Once committed, however, these individuals form lasting and sincere friendships – including professional ones with their superiors.

Dogs possess a deep-seated sense of justice, being willing to go the extra mile for those they hold most dear. While not lacking intelligence, dogs tend to struggle expressing themselves clearly – often giving off an impression of stubbornness.

Dogs tend to spend much of their time feeling mistrustful of society, believing everything around them is conspiring against them and compelling them to try to rectify what they perceive as wrong in themselves.

Due to their generous nature, dogs often seek careers focused on serving others. They eschew criminal activities and materialistic desires for a peaceful existence with loving families where they can forget the world’s griminess and evil. Dogs frequently help others at the expense of themselves but become distressed and shocked when betrayed by unscrupulous individuals.

As dogs are inherently kind-hearted creatures, they do not take part in malicious acts. Yet their critical and sharp nature leads them to overanalyze situations, breaking them down instead of seeing the bigger picture. Fearful of their own shadow, Dogs lack confidence and may blame others for any mistakes.

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