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Chinese Zodiac | Analysis of People Born in the Year of the Dragon

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The Dragon, one of the twelve animals in the Chinese zodiac, stands out as its sole mythical creature. Since ancient times, Chinese have honored it alongside Phoenixes, Qilins and Turtles as being among their most auspicious of animals. Imagined with horselike faces and snake-like bodies. Equipped with eighty-one scales on its back that symbolize “boundless hope.” Capable of flying into the sky or diving deep underwater; unpredictable yet mysterious movements make its movements unpredictable and mysterious movements unpredictable yet mysterious; considered one of myriad virtues as it represents so much!


People born in the Year of the Dragon exhibit traits akin to their mythical namesake: mysterious and unpredictable. They are adventurous dreamers who embrace a romantic lifestyle. Despite often being detached and disdainful of conventional opinions, their charismatic nature still commands a significant presence.

Dragons possess deep, unpredictable hearts and may appear disengaged at first. Once set into motion however, their ambition and vigor far outstrip those of ordinary people. Dragons can excel in entertainment, sports and religion fields alike – notable figures like Marilyn Monroe and Nietzsche were born during this year!


Dragons are dreamers, passionately pursuing their goals until met with setbacks that quickly dampen their enthusiasm. Statistics reveal a large percentage of Dragons giving up and leaving at the first sign of failure, leaving many unfulfilled. Because of this extreme swing between passion and disengagement, many Dragons do not suit long-term office work; instead they excel when offered opportunities to express themselves freely and expressively.


Male dragons can be highly ambitious while female Dragons tend to be resilient. Men may perceive that female Dragons are more competent than their male counterparts, which may discourage potential suitors. Yet Dragon women represent successful modern women capable of contributing both domestically and professionally.

Sense of Authority

Dragons exude authority, commanding even those they find unbearable to pay attention. Once caught in their gaze, it’s difficult to escape their enthusiastic presence – their enthusiasm can’t help but spread itself!

Fearlessness defines a Dragon; their passion and perseverance enable them to rise above challenges with ease and triumphantly emerge victorious, captivating all around them with their presence.

Dragons exude allure. Their charm can’t help but bewitch us; its potency disarms and delights – making us happy just being around them! In particular, dragon ladies capture our attention not just through beauty but with their poised demeanor and elegance.

Dragons possess exceptional charm that serves them both romantically and professionally. Rather than seeking power or trying to gain status by bullying others, it comes naturally for them.

Infinite Vitality

Dragons exude vitality and never seem to tire, from work meetings and assignments, through work again to parties and family commitments with seemingly limitless energy. If you encounter someone bursting with life and energy, don’t be surprised if they announce, “I am a Dragon!” when asked.

If the Dragon in your life seems distant and indifferent to your needs, try showing some vulnerability by crying openly. Tears have an incredible capacity for showing compassion that may soften its hard exterior and help the Dragon respond better to you.

Dragons can be described as stubborn yet focused individuals when it comes to their careers. Once they set their minds on something, nothing will stop them; often leading them towards significant achievements.

Dragons are idealists, demanding perfection from themselves and those around them, which may make them appear overly critical and temperamental, sometimes giving the appearance of being an oppressive dictator.

Dragons tend to be quick learners, excelling quickly at various fields. However, if they choose the wrong path they could become criminal masterminds.

Fortune for Dragons can be extremely promising early on but can hit a plateau after age 35. While this stagnation may appear daunting at first, it should instead serve as an opportunity for further accomplishments; failing to overcome this period may result in unfulfilled potential.

Attitude Towards Emotions

Dragons tend to be quite sensitive when it comes to matters of the heart, requiring careful and considered consideration before committing to someone they might love for life – often delaying marriage until later in life.

Career Fortune

Professionally, Dragons tend to excel in their fields early and quickly gain prominence as young adults. If they can overcome the hurdles that accompany turning thirty and succeed with turning setbacks into opportunities for personal growth and resilience then a smooth and successful later life awaits them – regardless of profession they may pursue.

Additionally, Dragons may act quickly, often reaching too far too soon. With strong conviction in their own principles, they tend to disregard others’ opinions when acting impulsively or dreaming too boldly about achieving goals without considering domestic responsibilities or even age when making these moves. Dragons remain dreamers even into later life and continue chasing after their ambitions without regard for domestic obligations; maintaining an innocent childlike disposition regardless of age.

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