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Face Reading | The Meaning of Ears

Face Reading | The Meaning of Ears

The ears, as the organs of hearing, play a crucial role in traditional Chinese face reading.
In physiognomy, ear condition is seen as determining a person’s fortune up to age fourteen. This covers their entire childhood. Additionally, the lobes of the ears are said to influence one’s fortune after the age of sixty.

Facial Features of the Ears


The helix is the outermost curved cartilage of the ear. It’s thought that a child’s fortune is read from the helix. This includes the heaven, human, and earth helix, each symbolizing fortune in different periods.

The left ear’s heaven helix covers ages one and two. Its human helix spans ages three and four, and the earth helix, ages five to seven. On the right ear, the heaven helix covers ages eight and nine. The human helix is for ages ten and eleven, and the earth helix, ages twelve to fourteen.

Face Reading | The Meaning of Ears

Abnormal protrusions or indentations on the helix may indicate health issues during these periods. If these markings are pronounced and severe, it may suggest significant family events, possibly including separation or loss among siblings or miscarriages by the parents.

face reading - ears

An example is given of a prominent figure, “Dawn,” whose left ear helix has a missing section, indicating a significant issue.


Speaking of the helix brings us to the concha, the next closest circle of ear bone to the helix. A specific facial feature, known as “helix flying and concha opposing,” requires explanation. Helix flying and concha opposing are two different features.

Helix flying refers to an upward and slightly pointed growth of the helix, also known as “Yaksha ear” or “ghost ear.” This feature suggests estrangement from parents, a secretive nature, and a heavy inclination towards self-protection, often perceived as deceitful. However, this perception arises from the individual’s childhood estrangement from parents, leading to a self-reliant personality.

Concha opposing refers to the concha protruding outwards beyond the helix. While common in real life, ancient face reading considered it a sign of rebellious potential. Modern interpretations suggest that individuals with this feature have a strong rebellious streak and stubbornness, often refusing to admit their mistakes.

face reading - ears

Wind Gate and Wind Screen

The wind gate is located at the ear canal, with a larger ear canal being preferable. A smaller ear canal indicates a narrow-minded individual who struggles to accept others’ opinions, whereas a larger one suggests a person who is more analytical and open-minded. The wind screen, also known as the tragus, if particularly small, suggests a lack of responsibility in handling matters.


The earlobe can indicate one’s fortune after the age of sixty. Earlobes tend to grow with age, and a lack of an earlobe at this stage suggests a challenging later life. It’s not enough to simply stretch the earlobe with earrings; a good earlobe is thick and protrudes both forward and backward. A one-sided protrusion is considered a false earlobe. Earlobes play a significant role in one’s later years, potentially more so than the chin. Thus, a well-formed earlobe can indicate a worry-free later life, regardless of the chin’s appearance, as earlobes represent the inner aspect, while the face represents the outer aspect.

A desirable earlobe is large and grows forward towards the chin, indicating “double pearls guarding the sea gate.” Individuals with this feature are believed to enjoy good fortune after turning sixty.

Ear Color, Size, Width, Firmness, Height, and Orientation

Ears that are slightly whiter than the surrounding skin, large, wide, and firm indicate good health, strong kidney energy, and a vigorous spirit. Children with these ear characteristics are often very mischievous and difficult to discipline. Conversely, lesser qualities suggest poor physical health.

Face reading suggests a scoring system for mixed traits, such as adding points for large ears and subtracting for narrow ones, to gauge a child’s health during youth. The phrase “ears whiter than the face, known far and wide” indicates that individuals with whiter ears are likely to be remembered for their intelligence and memory, advantageous for achieving fame in ancient examinations.

If the ears are redder than the surrounding skin, it signifies good financial fortune.

The size of the ears is relative, not absolute, and should be considered in proportion to one’s own face rather than compared to others. The belief that soft ears indicate fear of one’s spouse suggests

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