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Face Reading | Analysis of Ears and Unique Ear Shapes

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Face Reading | Examining ears can provide insights into personality traits. Unlike focusing solely on the structure, such as the helix or lobe, analyzing the ear type in conjunction with the facial shape offers a more accurate understanding of an individual’s character.

Different face shapes influence ear types. Our previous articles, including the “Frontal Facial Analysis,” provide more details on this, which can be reviewed here: Frontal Face Analysis.

The diagram below shows three common ear types associated with ideal, athletic, and indulgent facial types. It’s common for people’s facial types to be a mix, and similarly, ear types can also combine features of different categories.

Ear Types

Face Reading | Ear Types and Personality Traits:

  1. The Intellectual Ear Type:
    • Individuals with this ear type are often thinkers, akin to scientists or artists. They might start with smaller ear lobes which could grow with age, suggesting a potentially prosperous later life even if they begin with an intellectual ear type.
  2. The Athletic Ear Type:
    • Characterized by a somewhat prominent middle part of the ear, showing strong initiative and action. There are two subtypes within the athletic ear type: one with a flat lower part of the ear lobe and the other, as depicted in the bottom image above, with a more rigid structure compared to the softer intellectual type and thicker indulgent type.
  3. The Indulgent Ear Type:
    • Typically, these ears have larger lobes, correlating with the indulgent personality traits of the corresponding facial type. Individuals with this ear type often have a personality that leans towards enjoying life and possibly following Eastern religious practices.

Ear types may suggest religious leanings. People with intellectual ear types often question religion and prefer studying over following. Athletic ear types might favor Western religions. Those with indulgent ear types generally lean towards Eastern religions. These trends are general and should be viewed with other facial and personality indicators for deeper insight.

Special Ear Types:

Special Ear Types
  • Pointed Ears (“Ghost’s Ears”): Individuals with pointed tips on their ears, known as “night demon’s ears,” often have secretive and somewhat cunning personalities. They may have had little parental influence, leading to a more independent and guarded nature.
Chicken Mouth Ears
  • Chicken Mouth Ears: Ears that slant upward at the lobe suggest a probing and rebellious character. Those with pale or unhealthy-looking lobes might suffer from poor intelligence or health, while those with normal or rosy lobes are generally unaffected.
Wind-Catching Ears
  • Wind-Catching Ears: These ears indicate a slim ancestral fortune and a potential for financial loss in the parental generation, possibly due to either squandering or poverty inherited from grandparents. This ear type suggests a bold, modern mindset which could either lead to financial imprudence or, conversely, entrepreneurial success depending on family background.

Facial analysis of ears offers insights into a person’s nature and potential life path. It shows how classic interpretations and modern psychology combine to create detailed personality portraits.

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