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Introduction to the Eight Trigrams in the Palm in Chinese Palmistry


In Chinese palmistry, the Eight Trigrams within the palm largely align with the mounts in Western palmistry, albeit with some slight differences in specific areas. Today, let’s delve into the Eight Trigrams of the palm.

Palmistry incorporates the names of the Eight Trigrams from the “I Ching” to distinguish eight areas of the hand: Kan, Gen, Zhen, Xun, Li, Kun, Dui, and Qian. Each region carries unique meanings, representing aspects such as spouse, wealth, children, status, property, home, father, and mother, which are considered eight types of blessings and fortunes.

  • The area slightly higher than the Moon mount is the Qian area, symbolizing the heavenly gate and representing the relationship between father and son, indicating the condition of parents and the influence of children. It is associated with the Dog and Pig zodiacs and belongs to the Metal element.
  • Near the wrist is the Kan area, symbolizing the sea gate and the foundation, indicating ancestral heritage and other related matters. It is associated with the Rat and Ox zodiacs and belongs to the Wood element.
  • The central part of the Venus mount is the Gen area, representing sibling relationships and indicating property and graves. It is associated with the Ox and Tiger zodiacs and belongs to the Earth element.
  • The Upper Mars mount is the Zhen area, symbolizing spousal relationships and personal establishment. It is associated with the Rabbit zodiac and belongs to the Wood element.
  • The area connecting Jupiter and Saturn mounts is the Xun area, indicating financial status and career success or failure. It is associated with the Dragon and Snake zodiacs and belongs to the Wood element.
  • The area connecting Saturn and Sun mounts is the Li area, indicating authority and fame. It is associated with the Horse zodiac and belongs to the Fire element.
  • The area between the Sun and Mercury mounts is the Kun area, representing the mother-child relationship and indicating virtue, fortune, and children’s condition. It is associated with the Goat and Monkey zodiacs and belongs to the Earth element.
  • The Lower Mars mount is the Dui area, representing relationships with others and personal temperament. It is associated with the Rooster zodiac and belongs to the Metal element.

Let’s introduce each of the Eight Trigrams within the palm in detail.

Palm Trigrams
  1. Qian Palace: A prominent area indicates agile thinking and strong analytical skills, allowing for the assimilation of diverse information to perfect one’s ideals. Conversely, a recessed area suggests a lack of cultural awareness and knowledge absorption, prone to aimless thoughts.
  2. Kan Palace: A developed area signifies protection from ancestral glory, providing a conducive learning environment from childhood, a stable economic foundation, and competitiveness in society. A recessed area indicates ancestral decline, a troubled childhood, and the necessity to struggle through adversity.
  3. Gen Palace: A prominent area indicates strong emotional needs, a desire to control, clear likes and dislikes, and an uncontrolled possession of desired objects. A recessed area shows fluctuating emotional warmth, self-centered satisfaction, and potential apathy towards relationships.
  4. Zhen Palace: A developed area represents optimism, ambition, overcoming difficulties, accumulating valuable connections, especially from the opposite sex. A recessed area suggests a conservative, hesitant nature, often missing opportunities, particularly struggling with emotional recovery.
  5. Xun Palace: A prominent area signifies innate intelligence, talent, active knowledge acquisition, the ability to earn through intellect, and leaving a positive impression on others through open-mindedness. A recessed area indicates a lackadaisical attitude towards life, inefficiency, financial struggles, and alienation from friends.
  6. Li Palace: A developed area indicates academic excellence from a young age, potential rapid career advancement, success in carving out one’s niche, and a harmonious marriage. A recessed area suggests a reserved nature, poor social connections, limited support from influential figures, and marital challenges.
  7. Kun Palace: A prominent area denotes witty, numerically adept individuals likely to succeed in business or technology, gaining status, fame, and support. A recessed area reflects a lack of ambition, a desire for luxury without action, and despite intelligence, limited achievement.
  8. Dui Palace: A developed area suggests vitality, impatience, confidence in handling various situations, kindness, generosity towards others, and unconditional care for one’s children. A recessed area indicates negativity, lack of motivation, avoidance of responsibilities, neglect towards others’ needs, and emotional detachment from one’s children.

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