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Eyebrow Analysis in Physiognomy

Let’s explore what constitutes favorable eyebrow face reading.

Good Eyebrow Physiognomy: Fine eyebrows that grow close to the brow bone, with a slightly protruding brow bone.

There are many unfavorable eyebrow traits; let’s examine some of the most common ones:

  1. Too Thick: There are two types of thickness: the thickness of the eyebrows themselves and the thickness of the eyebrow shape, where the latter refers to sparse eyebrows that cover a large area and appear coarse.
    • For men, thick eyebrows without a strong gaze can indicate a lack of assertiveness and a tendency to be henpecked.
    • For women, thick eyebrows can suggest a more masculine personality and a dislike for housework.
  2. Too Dense: The criterion for density is whether the roots of the eyebrows are visible; if not, they are considered overly dense.
    • Dense eyebrows don’t necessarily mean thick eyebrows. However, if eyebrows are both thick and dense, there may be a greater likelihood of encountering legal troubles in life.
  3. Crossing: When the left and right eyebrows intersect, it suggests potential discord among siblings.
  4. Connected: Unibrows indicate stubbornness and difficulty in letting go of issues. Modifying unibrows by plucking the middle can serve as a psychological reminder to be less fixated, which can influence one’s destiny.
  5. Yellow: Yellow eyebrows, especially in women, signify a hard life, likely burdened rather than supported by a spouse.
  6. Sparse: Sparse eyebrows are not considered favorable. However, if the eyebrows are continuously fine and unbroken, this indicates dexterity, resilience, and domestic skill.
  7. Broken or Missing: Breaks in the eyebrows result from accidents, while missing parts are congenital.
    • Gaps or breaks suggest early separation from or lack of connection with siblings, not due to personality clashes but possible physical distance or premature loss.
  8. No Eyebrows: Lack of eyebrows in men is an extremely unfavorable sign, indicating impulsiveness and compounded negativity. For women, it can hinder romantic and offspring fortune.
  9. Broken Eyebrows: Some individuals have gaps within their eyebrows, distinct from breaks or missing parts, as the latter implies a chunk missing without separation. The illustration below clearly shows this.

Individuals with broken eyebrows are prone to arm injuries, with the left eyebrow corresponding to the left arm and the right to the right arm, similarly leading to estrangement from siblings.

  1. Short Eyebrows: The length of the eyebrows is easily assessed. If the eyebrows do not extend past the eye, they are considered short. People with short eyebrows typically have fewer siblings.
  2. Abrupt Eyebrows: Different from short eyebrows, abrupt eyebrows are incomplete, usually only the beginning without the end, typically thick at where they should taper. Those with abrupt eyebrows tend to dominate their siblings.
Short vs. Abrupt Eyebrows
Abrupt Eyebrows
  1. Sparse at the Ends: Some have normal eyebrow beginnings but dispersed ends, indicating difficulty in accumulating wealth. Such individuals might seek quick success between ages 31 and 33 but are prone to financial loss at 34.
  2. Messy at the Start: Disheveled eyebrow starts indicate difficulties in managing personal relationships before the age of 30. Delaying marriage or engaging in long-distance or significantly age-different relationships can mitigate this.
Messy Eyebrow Starts
  1. Vertical Eyebrows: Eyebrows growing forward suggest an impulsive personality and a higher risk of legal issues.

Other distinctive eyebrow traits don’t necessarily fall into good or bad categories:

  1. Straight vs. Curved Eyebrows: Straight eyebrows indicate practicality, while curved ones suggest idealism.
  2. “Eight” Eyebrows: People with “eight” shaped eyebrows tend to be submissive in relationships but are well-suited for politics or the medical field.
  3. Eyebrow Angles: Prominent eyebrow angles denote optimism and open-mindedness but a lack of attention to detail.

For more on eyebrow physiognomy: Twenty-eight Types of Eyebrow Physiognomy

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