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Basics of Face Reading for Beginners

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The fortunes and misfortunes of individuals can be discerned through their facial features, much like how various illnesses can also be diagnosed. Understanding facial features allows us to glean significant information about someone we’ve just met, including their destiny, personality, and fortunes. This knowledge is particularly valuable in various social interactions such as matchmaking, job interviews, making friends, and conducting business, as it can help avoid making poor decisions. However, facial feature analysis is highly complex and not easily mastered. Today, we’ll introduce some basic concepts that, while not entirely accurate, can offer a general understanding of a person’s characteristics.

Face Reading | Facial Features

What do the facial features in feature analysis refer to?

  1. Ears, responsible for gathering sound, can indicate a person’s fortune. Ideally, the ears should have a clear and distinct outer edge (helix) and inner edge (antihelix), fit closely to the back of the head, peak higher than the eyebrows, and be large and thick, with large earlobes being preferable.
  2. Eyebrows act as indicators of longevity and health, fame, social status, and relationships with siblings and friends. Disorganized eyebrows suggest disharmony among siblings and friends and a tendency to associate with untrustworthy individuals. Eyebrows with hairs growing in the opposite direction indicate a temperamental and potentially unlawful personality.
  3. Eyes, the windows to one’s status and character, should be bright, with clear distinction between the sclera and pupil, indicating the person’s moral standing and social rank.
  4. The nose, governing wealth, should not reveal nostrils when viewed from the front, as this indicates difficulties in accumulating wealth. The tip of the nose should be round, resembling a garlic bulb, with the sides (representing wealth storage) being sizeable. The age at which the nose most significantly impacts financial fortune is between 41 and 50. Moles or deviations on the nose are seen as unfavorable for wealth, as are thin and pointed noses. The nose also relates to health, with a low nasal bridge suggesting poor health. Horizontal lines across the nose indicate financial loss or, for men, adversities affecting their spouse.
  5. The mouth, indicative of talent, should not droop at the corners. A naturally upright and slightly upturned mouth is best. A large mouth is favorable for men, suggesting a capacity to embrace diverse experiences, while for women, a large mouth was traditionally seen as a negative trait but holds different connotations today.

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Face Reading | The Three Stops

The Upper Stop, from the top edge of the eyebrows to the hairline, governs the age range from 15 to 30. A narrow forehead suggests a lack of ancestral blessings, potentially due to poor feng shui at the ancestral gravesite. A forehead that can comfortably fit five fingers is considered ideal; anything less indicates a lack of wisdom. A full forehead before the age of 30 suggests potential wealth.

The Middle Stop, from below the eyebrows (inclusive) to the tip of the nose, covers the ages of 31 to 50. This segment, more than the inherited traits of the upper stop, reflects personal efforts and achievements. If both the upper and middle stops are unfavorable, a well-proportioned lower stop will have limited benefit. Deviations or asymmetries in this area suggest financial loss or marital difficulties.

The Lower Stop, from the age of 51 onwards, extends from the tip of the nose to the chin and influences one’s fortunes in old age. Ideally, the three stops should be of equal size, indicating a life free from material worries. However, even with well-balanced stops, unfavorable features elsewhere can negate these advantages.

The Twelve Palaces

The Life Palace

The Life Palace located between the eyebrows and above the nose bridge, governs an individual’s overall fortune. It is best when bright, smooth, mole-free, and indention-free.

The Wealth Palace

The Wealth Palace encompasses the nose tip and wings. A round, bright nose tip resembling a garlic bulb, with substantial nostrils viewed from the front, indicates financial prosperity. Moles or darkness on the nose tip suggest impending financial losses.

The Siblings Palace

The Siblings Palace, represented by the eyebrows, influences relationships with siblings and friends. Thick, well-defined eyebrows suggest wide social connections, while disordered eyebrows indicate susceptibility to negative influences.

The Spouse Palace

The Spouse Palace, located at the corners of the eyes, should be full and lustrous. Indentations, wrinkles, or moles in this area are unfavorable. The appearance of this palace reflects the state of one’s marital relations.

The Children Palace

The Children Palace, beneath the eyes, can indicate difficulties in having children if recessed. A slight protrusion is ideal, but excessive bulging is also problematic, suggesting burdens or concerns related to offspring.

The Illness Palace

The Illness Palace, from the nose bridge to the tip, is adversely affected by horizontal lines or moles, predicting financial loss or sudden illnesses around the ages of 44 and 45.

The Travel Palace

The Travel Palace, at the temples, indicates the auspiciousness of travel. A smooth, slightly protruding, and unblemished appearance suggests favorable travel conditions.

The Servants Palace

The Servants Palace, on either side of the chin, relates to the loyalty and effectiveness of subordinates. A recessed area indicates disobedient or ineffective assistants.

The Official Rank Palace

The Official Rank Palace, centered on the forehead, signifies career and status. It should be full, bright, and slightly protruding towards the nose, with any lines, moles, or indentations being seen as unfavorable.

The Property Palace

The Property Palace, represented by the upper eyelids, should be slightly prominent for good fortune in real estate. Closeness to the eyebrows indicates difficulty in acquiring ancestral properties.

The Fortune and Virtue Palace

The Fortune and Virtue Palace, located above the eyebrows at the temples, should be full and bright. Wrinkles, moles, or depressions in this area suggest challenges to longevity and prosperity.

The Parents Palace

The Parents Palace, above the start of the eyebrows, reflects the well-being of one’s parents. Poor conditions here indicate adversities affecting the parents and potential short lifespan.

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