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Face Reading | Mercury, Cheng Jiang, and the Mouth

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The diagram above illustrates the key years represented by different parts of the mouth. Let’s delve into the face reading related to the mouth, starting with Mercury and Cheng Jiang, which are located near the mouth.

Mercury governs the fortune at age 60 and is situated on the upper lip. Mercury should be straight, as many people naturally have a skewed mouth, which often leads to trouble spoken into existence.

The area between the lower lip and the chin is known as Cheng Jiang, which controls the fortune at age 61. Cheng Jiang, metaphorically referred to as “wine,” reflects an individual’s potential dietary issues. Presence of horizontal lines or moles here indicates possible food-related problems, such as food poisoning or a sensitive stomach.

Individuals with a prominent Cheng Jiang often tolerate alcohol less. Conversely, a recessed area suggests a higher alcohol tolerance.

The saying “illness enters through the mouth and trouble exits from it” highlights the importance of Mercury and Cheng Jiang when discussing the physiognomy of the mouth.

Lip Thickness

The thickness of the lips is crucial. Thick upper lips indicate a person driven by emotions, whereas thick lower lips point to stronger desires. If both lips are thick, the individual is likely passionate; conversely, thin lips suggest a more reserved nature. For instance, the thick lips of African and Southeast Asian individuals correlate with their passionate disposition; whereas, the thinner lips of British people denote a more reserved character.

Lip Shape

For men, the upper lip covering the lower lip, where the upper represents the father/self and the lower symbolizes the mother/wife, indicates longevity for oneself and the father. The reverse suggests longevity for the mother and wife. For women, the upper lip represents the father/husband and the lower lip symbolizes oneself/mother. An underbite, or “earth covering the sky,” may indicate dominance over the husband and father, especially pronounced during the ages of 51 to 55.

Mouth Size

The notion that a larger mouth is beneficial for men and a smaller mouth is preferable for women is outdated. Modern face reading does not discriminate based on mouth size.

Mouth Color

The color of the mouth reflects one’s vitality, particularly important for women. A rosy lip color suggests a likelihood of marrying well, whereas a dull color may indicate an unhappy marriage and unreliable offspring.

Moles Near the Mouth

A mole on the upper lip warns of financial loss from deception. Moles at the mouth’s corners hint at potential disputes. Inside the mouth, a mole suggests luck in food. Near the Cheng Jiang, it points to digestive issues and a higher food poisoning risk.

Mouth Shapes

The square mouth (first from the left) appears square and is associated with nobility and social status.

The blowing fire mouth (second from the left), with lips slightly upturned, often lacks tact in speech, leading to poor fortunes in later years.

The overturned boat mouth (third from the left) signifies a pessimistic outlook, expecting the worst outcomes, which typically doesn’t bode well for later years. However, those with this mouth shape and a wide chin may have wealth, though it’s rare.

The gazing moon mouth (fourth from the left), naturally upturned at the corners, suggests optimism, good social relationships, and favorable fortunes in later years.

Additionally, lines on the sides of the mouth, known as applause lines, indicate success and support in endeavors.

For more insights into the face reading of the mouth, click here: Sixteen Types of Lips Physiognomy Analysis

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