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Face Reading Signs That Boost Husband’s Fortune

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Today, let’s talk about “husband-flourishing physiognomy” and “husband-supporting face reading.” First, we’ll define what supporting and flourishing a husband means. Does working in the same career as your husband and providing significant support count as flourishing his fortune?No, that’s considered supporting. Flourishing a husband’s fortune means that even without deliberate effort, you can positively influence his luck.

Summary of husband-flourishing physiognomy includes

  1. High Cheekbones Wrapped in Flesh, Not Protruding: Women with such facial features tend to support their husband’s career and family well and are also adept at educating their children.
  2. Nose as the “Husband Star”: In physiognomy, a woman’s nose represents her husband’s fortune. A high, straight bridge that blends seamlessly into the forehead without visible nostrils or blemishes, and lacks hanging columella is indicative of a husband-flourishing physiognomy, promising to enhance the husband’s fortune.
  3. Thick, Mouthward Earlobes (“Double Pearls Guarding the Ocean’s Mouth”): Women with such ear shapes have good fortune regarding money, friends, and supporting their husband. They are likely to enjoy a worry-free life in their later years.
  4. A Clear and Sufficiently Wide Philtrum: A woman with a clear, deep, and wide philtrum is usually highly fertile, likely to have children with excellent genetics, filial piety, intelligence, and fortune, achieving more than average. A deep, long, and wide philtrum is also a symbol of longevity.

Now, let’s explore husband-supporting face reading

face reading-Close-up of female face
  1. Wide Hall of Impression (Forehead Space between the Eyebrows): The breadth of the Hall of Impression should be proportionate to the facial structure. A wide space signifies open-mindedness, optimism, and a non-petty nature, making life easier for her husband.
  2. Moderately Low Nose Bridge with a Round, Fleshy Tip: This indicates achievements through personal effort.
  3. Slightly High Cheekbones Without Excessive Protrusion: High cheekbones suggest decisiveness and the ability to support the husband’s career without being overly stubborn or unilateral.
  4. Visible Jawbones Without Over-Protrusion: Women with visible jawbones are often hardworking and resilient. However, excessively protruding jawbones may indicate a secretive and potentially destructive nature.
  5. Large Mouth: A large mouth in women indicates good social skills and a strong career focus, capable of providing practical assistance in her husband’s career.
  6. Full Chin: A full chin symbolizes a love for enjoyment, leadership qualities, and the likelihood of being supported by subordinates.

These attributes in facial features are related to forehead physiognomy for hair, and to the nose, mouth, chin, nasolabial folds, and jawline for the beard. If you’re interested in more physiognomy insights related to these areas, further exploration is encouraged.

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